Make Your Toddler’s Mealtime Less Messy with Playtex Mealtime Plates-Giveaway

When Benjamin was first starting to eat at the table with the family, I ran into one of the biggest pitfalls of the independent younger child. While Benjamin wanted to sit up and eat just like his big brother, he didn’t quite have the dexterity to do so very neatly quite yet. And that meant two things. A lot of food ended up spilled on the table. And a lot of plates ended up tipped onto the floor.

playtex mealtime plates in packagePlaytex understands how that fiercely independent little toddler feels, but they also want to make sure that a child learning to eat on his own doesn’t mean hours of extra cleaning for Mom! That’s why they created products like the Playtex Mealtime Plates and as a Playtex Mommyville Featured Expert, I got to review a set of plates recently and see if they improved our mealtime messes.

The plates came in two fun designs, one with dinosaurs and one with cars. Of course, since there were two, Zackary insisted on having one as well! I didn’t mind at all, while he has mastered eating neatly at the table, he does still have the occasional accident that results in a plate of food being spilled. I figured the non-slip grip on the bottom of the plates certainly couldn’t hurt the next time Zack bumped his dish!

I really liked the size of the plates. They were about halfway between the size of a side plate and a dinner plate and held the perfect amount of food for both my boys. The other thing that made these plates so wonderful for toddlers was the high sides around the edge. When a child is first learning to eat off a plate scooping up some of those little pieces can be hard, which is why food tends to end up getting pushed off the side. The sides of the Playtex Mealtime Plates ensured that the food stayed where it belonged and made it easier for Benjamin to scoop up too!

playtex mealtime platesThe non-slip bottom really worked. I don’t believe either boy has once had their plate end up on the floor while using these dishes, making the non-slip grip quite possibly my favourite feature. And to top it all off, the dishes are dishwasher-safe, free of BPA and phthalates and stackable! Playtex wants you and your child to enjoy an easier mealtime too, so the company is very generously offering two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers a Two-Pack of Playtex Mealtime Plates! To enter, just check out the Playtex Mommyville site and leave a comment about which article you found most interesting.

As far as my boys are concerned, these are their own special plates and the only ones they use if they have a choice. And since they minimize the mess for Mom, that’s fine with me! If you have a youngster that’s starting to eat on his own and you’re looking for a way to encourage independence with minimal mess to clean up afterwards, take a look at the Playtex Mealtime Plates for yourself. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Playtex Mommyville community to learn about other great products, read some interesting articles or ask any questions you have about mealtime eating!
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