Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Diva

cat in blankets
The only other female in our house besides me is my darling diva of a cat, Racer. When she's not drinking bottled water out of a gold-rimmed bowl, she's stretched out on our bed like a princess napping the day away!

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38 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Diva”

  1. we have the only non-Diva cat in the world I think… he is a big man-cat and acts more like a droolly dog than a cat most of the time!! lol

    1. That’s so funny, Tara; for sure the opposite of ours! She is beyond a diva; I only wish I was joking about the bottled water and gold-rimmed water bowl! lol

    1. lol! That’s so funny that you mentioned her feet, Monica! My hubby always said that was how you could tell she wasn’t a purebred and threatened to dip them in black dye. I told him to leave her be; everyone loves her paws!

      Hate it when that happens with pictures; we have a few cameras that are bad for messing up colours like that. :(

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