Crusing in Style in the 2012 Ford Fiesta

When Ford Canada first called to offer us a 2012 Ford Fiesta to drive for the week, I have to admit that I wasn’t especially excited about the prospect. We’ve been able to drive some very amazing Ford vehicles in the last few months and while I was sure the Fiesta would be a nice comfortable ride, I didn’t really expect it to wow me.

Boy, was I in for a shock. The sporty Ford Fiesta that we received was absolutely gorgeous and the red and black colour scheme of the vehicle was enough to wow anybody. I was so excited to cruise around in such a sleek little vehicle for the next week!

2012 ford fiesta exterior

I think of the Ford Fiesta as a car designed for the sporty single. It’s small, stylish and powerful and the standout colour choices, cell-phone inspired instrument panel and ultra-cool ambient lighting in seven different colours ensure that your vehicle is as fashionable as you are.

But the fun factor isn’t the only reason to love the Fiesta. The Electric Power Assist Steering offers speed sensitive steering and better fuel economy. The Passive Entry and Passive Start system unlocks doors and starts the vehicle at a touch by detecting the remote in the driver’s pocket. And because safety is as important as having fun, the car comes standard equipped with seven airbags.

2012 ford fiesta interior

As a family vehicle, the Ford Fiesta was a little on the small side but it was still a decent car for a family of four. And, best of all, the fuel efficiency of this powerful little car is unbelievable. It averages 4.9 litres per 100 km on the highway and after a week of driving we needed only $18 to fill the tank.

This car is a commuter’s dream come true with enough sleek style to satisfy the trendiest traveller. I have to admit, I almost felt like I should be getting dressed up before we went for a ride. Yes, it’s that cool! If you’re looking for a car that combines safety, fuel efficiency and a whole lot of style into one fun-filled package, stop by your local Ford dealership and check out the 2012 Ford Fiesta for yourself. You’re sure to enjoy the ride!

Disclaimer: I was loaned the 2012 Ford Fiesta media fleet vehicle for one week to review. All opinions belong to Mommy Kat and Kids and have not been influenced in any way. Please view full Terms and Policies.

4 thoughts on “Crusing in Style in the 2012 Ford Fiesta”

  1. Wow, cool car. Jealous of the $18 fill up. I drive a 2011 Fusion and it gets pretty good gas mileage (I avg 6l/100km on the highway and 8l/100km with my fairly mixed driving). Did you install car seats in the back?

    1. I’m jealous of that fill up too! But Fords do have pretty amazing fuel economy; our everyday vehicle is a 98 Ford F-150 and it’s actually better on gas than our Dodge minivan used to be! And yup; two boosters in the back and it actually wasn’t a bad little family car! :)

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