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When I told Chase’s father that we were going to be reviewing gDiapers, he was very hesitant. And by very, I mean he told me straight-up that he was “not washing any dirty diapers; if I have to, it’ll go in the garbage!” The product we received, however, was the company’s disposable gDiaper system, gRefills, so even Dad was able to change a few of these diapers. (Yay for Mom!)

gDiapers fair dinkumFor those who have not heard of them, gDiapers are the newest trend in eco-friendly cloth diapers. They come in gRefills (the disposable form), and gCloth (the reusable cloth version). The differences between the gRefills and other disposable diapers are numerous. Both gRefills and gCloth are put inside a trendy cloth cover, known as gPants, and once the gRefill is dirty, it can be either thrown out, composted or flushed, something I definitely don’t recommend trying with your normal disposable diaper! Here’s some additional info about gDiapers:

cute bum. small footprint.
  • Colorful, soft cotton on the outside. Unique waterproof gBreathe technology inside. So there’s more comfort, less rash.
  • Perfectly sized for a non-bulky, trim fit in every size.
  • Keep 6-8 little gPants on hand for full-time gDiapering.
  • Little gPants are reusable diaper covers. Convenient. Cute. Economical.
how to use gDiapers.
  •  Step 1. choose little gPants. hmm … which color or print?
  • Step 2. tuck in an insert. Your choice! 100% biodegradable gRefills or reusable gCloth inserts. Sold separately.
  • Step 3. change your baby. Hug. Repeat. Because with so many changes a day, diapering should be fun.
baby in gdiapers
Baby Chase looking oh-so-styish in his Fair Dinkum gDiapers!

The most incredible part of this system is that the gRefills are completely biodegradable so you can feel totally at ease throwing them in the garbage. Or, if you have your own home compost, toss them in and they’ll be gone in around 50-150 days. Normal disposable diapers are made from plastic and plastic is not only bad for the environment, but bad for baby’s delicate skin as well.  The gDiapers, however, contain absolutely no plastic, which also means they are way more breathable. Baby Chase had gotten a diaper rash the day before we got our gDiapers. We started using them right away and his rash was gone in half a day!

Because of the way they are designed, the gDiapers didn’t have to be done up as tightly as regular disposables, which made baby more happy and comfortable. When I heard all the great facts about the gDiapers I was slightly worried at first, thinking there was no way they could compare to a “regular” diaper with all these incredible extras. To my delight they do the same amount of work, yet are still superior because they can do so many things a disposable can’t. I loved using them with Chase. They were easy to use, the company had lots of helpful advice for me and the diapers were good for my baby (not to mention fashionable)!

gDiapers gBloomThe fabulous people at gDiapers are offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a fantastic LG size (26-36 lbs.) gDiapers prize pack. Do you want baby to blossom in the sunny floral of gBloom or do you know your baby will be genuinely cute in Fair Dinkum?  It’s your decision with this great giveaway that teams not only a super-cute pair of little gPants with a matching top/dress, but also throws in a pack of disposable, biodegradable gRefills AND a pack of gWipes! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which design you would choose: gBloom or Fair Dinkum!

Looking beyond the diapers themselves, I love everything that this company stands for. They are so very environmentally friendly and they also support multiple charities and organizations, all just as dedicated to making our world a better place as gDiapers is. Plus they have amazing customer service and their professionals can answer any questions you might have about using the product. The gDiaper system can be purchased at select retailers across North America and is also available online on the gDiapers website, which I strongly suggest you check out at www.gdiapers.com. Eco-friendly diapering has never been so easy!
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  1. I have never tried gDiapers. I have thought about it, if little E’s daycare didn’t take my cloth diapers. These are a good compromise between cloth and disposables for sure! The one thing I would say, is that I would not recommend putting any type of diaper in your compost bin especially if you will be using it for gardening and such. Perhaps the best thing would be to have a separate compost bin just for the diapers. He looks so cute in his diapers, mama!! Love the print. I have boring solid colours. LOL! :)

  2. These diapers are seriously so cute! Pretty patterns and colors and great for babies bum and the environment and mommies wallet! It’d be awesome to win!

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