Fly Away with Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns on DVD+Digital Copy

Disney Junior’s hottest new show for preschoolers has a brand new DVD just in time for summer! Jake and the Never Land Pirates has quickly become a favourite with boys and girls alike and if you have a child that loves following the adventures of Jake, Izzy and Cubby, you have to check out this new full-length adventure Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns! Here’s a brief synopsis:

Jake-And-The-Never-Land-Pirates-Peter-Pan-Returns-DVDYay hey! The most famous Never Land hero of all time is back! Before you can say, “I Can Fly!” – Peter Pan returns to lead Jake and the Never Land Pirates on their first-ever full-length adventure.

During a game of “catch-me-if-you-can,” Peter Pan’s mischievous shadow slips away…and winds up in the clutches of that sneaky snook, Captain Hook! Now it’s up to Jake, Izzy, Cubby – and YOU – to help Peter rescue his shadow. Then, enjoy more excitement with five Jake and the Never Land Pirates adventures, including a DVD premiere. Awash with happy thoughts, swashbuckling action, new songs and never-ending fun, Peter Pan Returns proves good friends can do great things when they work together!

I was so excited to watch this special full-length adventure featuring a character from my own childhood joining forces with some of the newest Disney heroes. The full-length feature followed the same basic format of the television show, which meant that there were lots of educational challenges, lots of chances for kids to yell out answers and lots of great music! Zackary loved Peter Pan and thought the fact that he could fly was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen! Benjamin preferred laughing at the silliness of Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee. And I loved watching my boys have such a good time!

The DVD is packed with fun bonus features as well so that your kids can enjoy hours of entertainment with Jake, Peter and their friends. There’s even a fun Pirate-oke feature so that kids can sing along with the Never Land Pirate Band! If you have a preschooler that loves Peter Pan or a child that can’t get enough of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, this DVD will be perfect for you. And when you’re done watching, download these fun Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Crafts and let your child make their own Pirate Hat, Sword, Rainbow Wand and Treasure Chest! Check it out for yourself and let your child sing, laugh and swashbuckle with Disney!
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2 thoughts on “Fly Away with <em>Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns</em> on DVD+Digital Copy”

  1. My son loves Jack and the never land pirates! He especially loves Peter pan and wishes to fly like Peter too! In fact Ryan came to me the other day complaining that he needs a better shadow so that he can fly like Peter!!

    1. Aww, that’s so cute, Caryn! My oldest was the same way about Peter Pan; it’s so adorable how excited they get about the fact that he can fly! LOL

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