Get Inspirational, Eco-Friendly Style with Lonesome George & Co. T-Shirts

Unlike some kids, my boys both really appreciate clothes. They never open a present containing new clothing and show disappointment. And they both enjoy choosing their outfits each and every morning when they get dressed. So when I get the chance to review a new piece of clothing for my boys, they enjoy it as much as I do.

lonesome george logoEven to boys that already appreciate good clothes, the t-shirts from Lonesome George & Co. are something special. These gorgeous shirts combine buttery-soft organic cotton from Peru with trendy and meaningful designs to create shirts that are truly designed to spread a positive message. I was delighted when the company came on board as a sponsor for the This Lil Piglet and Mommy Kat and Kids Birthday Bash.

I received a shirt to review and picking my favourite one was no easy task. Eventually I decided on the Golden Ray Brown Nature’s Inspiration shirt in a size six. The shirt had a great blue and green design of a hang-glider flying amongst a flock of birds on a tan background and featured red script that stated, “Listen to Nature for Inspiration.” I loved the phrase on the shirt and the uplifting design.

When the shirt arrived, it fit just perfectly. Sometimes I find that different brands fit a little small or large, but this shirt fit just right for a size six in my opinion. It had a good length that hit Zackary about six inches below his waist and was loose without being baggy. And best of all, the size didn’t change after I washed the shirt!

boy in lonesome george t-shirt
Zackary loves his new Lonesome George & Co. t-shirt!

Lonesome George & Co. has tons of other gorgeous t-shirts, totes, beach towels and other accessories for both children and adults. But what I love most about the company’s stylish t-shirts is that they inspire change both for the person wearing the shirt and the people that see it. Zackary loves his new t-shirt from Lonesome George and if you want one for your own child, make sure you hop over to the Birthday Bash giveaway page and enter to win a kids t-shirt of your choice and tons of other great prizes too! Check out the site for yourself today and pick out your favourite design!
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