Say Hello to Summer with New Tasty Treats from Nestle DRUMSTICK

mini drumstick chocolate and fudge brownieNothing says summer like ice cream and this year Nestle DRUMSTICK has some amazing new treats to tickle your taste buds and keep you cool! I recently received a few packages of the new DRUMSTICK products to test out and the entire household was on hand to watch me pull them out of the cooler so that they could eagerly request a taste.

The boys and I tried the Simply Dipped Cookies and Cream DRUMSTICKS with the new larger chocolate nugget first. These were a treat I fell in love with after my first bite. Chocolate coating, cookies and cream ice cream, an Oreo cookie cone and, best of all, a huge centre nugget of fudge filling! We couldn’t help but devour the entire box and when I want a special treat this summer, one of these decadent DRUMSTICKS is how I’ll be spoiling myself.

But as much as I loved the Simply Dipped Cookies and Cream cone, it was the new Mini DRUMSTICK cones that really won my heart. Each box contains ten cones and the small size is perfect for children and for moms trying to limit their intake of sweets! The box had five fudge brownie and five chocolate drumsticks and I loved giving them to my boys as a special treat after Zackary’s baseball practices. With only 110 calories per cone, they were a great way to give my boys an ice cream treat that was still reasonable!

anatomy of a drumstick

I enjoyed both of these scrumptious new DRUMSTICK treats and the larger chocolate nugget in the full-sized cones is absolutely delicious. Whether you want to take a great big bite out of summer or just celebrate the season with a small sweet snack, the new products from DRUMSTICK will have you welcoming warm weather deliciously!
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10 thoughts on “Say Hello to Summer with New Tasty Treats from Nestle DRUMSTICK”

  1. Ohhhh wow. My Mom is addicted to Drumsticks! Little One never had them until her grandparents started babysitting her when I started working again. The minis sounds perfect!

    1. Oh Christine, there are so many things I didn’t want my boys to have that they somehow ended up having anyways! LOL At least those little Minis help keep things reasonable!

    1. Tee hee! I used to be the same way and now sugar cravings are taking over in my old age! LOL I like the minis because they keep me reasonable! ;)

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