Making Lunches Just Got Easier with Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kits-Giveaway

I love reusable lunch containers and since Zackary started preschool back in 2010, I’ve amassed quite a collection. While I still use pre-packaged snacks some days for convenience, I really like being able to pack up small portions of crackers, fruit or other items without using individually packages snacks or creating waste with plastic sandwich and snack bags. So when I heard about the newest lunch-packing products from Rubbermaid, I couldn’t wait to check them out.

rubbermaid lunch blox sandwich kitRubbermaid LunchBlox kits are interlocking containers designed to snap together in multiple configurations to efficiently use the space in your lunch box or bag. They are BPA free and freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. I received both the Salad Kit and the Sandwich Kit to review and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

The first thing I noticed about the LunchBlox was the fact that they used a Blue Ice insert that was specially fitted to work with the LunchBlox containers. To ensure that the lunch I was making stayed cold and fresh, I just popped the Blue Ice insert into the freezer the night before and then locked it into place on the LunchBlox containers when packing up the lunch in the morning. The handy design let the containers snap into the Blue Ice freezer pack to keep the lunch bag neat and the food nice and cold!

The containers themselves had handy measurements in both millilitres and ounces on the sides so that those following a diet or creating a portable recipe could easily prepare proper servings. And while the lids had a tight, leak proof seal, they also had sturdy tabs that made opening the containers easy for my six-year-old son. One of my biggest pet peeves is leak proof containers with lids that are so inflexible that children can’t open them up at mealtime!

I tried the LunchBlox Sandwich Kit first. It featured a 500 ml square container for the sandwich, a 200 ml side dish container and two 75 ml snack containers. The fitted Blue Ice freezer pack snapped into place between the sandwich container and the side and snack containers. I really liked the size of these handy lunch containers; the snack-sized ones were perfect for holding a small portion of raisins or a few bite-sized cookies.

rubbermaid lunchblox

The LunchBlox Salad Kit followed the same concept as the LunchBlox Sandwich kit but instead of a sandwich and snack container, it featured one large one-litre container to hold the salad, a divided topping tray to hold different salad ingredients and a 50 ml dressing container. The Blue Ice insert snapped into the bottom of the large container. I really liked the fact that some of the salad components could be kept separate until lunchtime. Making a lunch salad with croutons or cheese using an ordinary lunch container results in a soggy mess come lunchtime, but with the LunchBlox Salad Kit, everything stays fresh and crunchy!

If you’re craving a fresh-tasting salad or a scrumptious sandwich packed to perfection, you’re in luck because Rubbermaid is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a fabulous LunchBlox prize pack worth $50! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what type of lunch you would pack first in your LunchBlox kit!

Packing lunches every day is something that some people love and others don’t, but whether you dread the job or revel in it, making healthy, delicious and waste-free lunches is a whole lot easier with Rubbermaid LunchBlox. Check them out for yourself and say goodbye to the hassle of packing and transporting lunches!
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268 thoughts on “Making Lunches Just Got Easier with Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kits-Giveaway”

  1. I love to take a snack lunch to work, so a variety of containers for crackers, veggies and spreads is perfect for me! (I would probably pack hummus and corn chips first, because that’s my favourite!)

  2. I would pack a healthy lunch with fruits (grapes, watermelon and honeydew melon), vegetables (carrot sticks, celery and broccoli) juice box and a turkey sandwich.

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