I Got a Visit from the Fairy Hobmother and You Could Too!

fairy hobmotherI was typing away on a dark and dreary Thursday on a dark and dreary rain-filled week when suddenly, rainbow sparks shot from my computer and the screen seemed to grow with an eerie light. I could tell my day was about to get a little more magical. And I was right! When I checked my emails I discovered that I had been visited by the Fairy Hobmother, who had brought me a gift in the form of an Amazon gift card to brighten my day!

The Fairy Hobmother is a magical being that spends his days working at Appliances Online and his nights traveling through the blogosphere bringing joy and surprise to bloggers all over the world. I had read about others that had been visited by this magical being, but I never guessed that I would be lucky enough to have a visit from the fairy myself!

Of course, there is one downside to being visited by the Fairy Hobmother…deciding what to buy with my surprise fairy gift! Toys for the kids, books or electronics, it’s so hard to choose! So, fellow bloggers, I need your help! Leave a comment letting me know how you would spend your gift card if the Fairy Hobmother came to visit you. And when you do, you may just get a visit too, because I happen to know that the Fairy Hobmother chooses new bloggers to visit from the comments they leave on posts about him!

The Fairy Hobmother sure made my rainy day feel like a sunny one and I’m so glad he fluttered by my blog. Leave a comment and he may just be flying your way next!

28 thoughts on “I Got a Visit from the Fairy Hobmother and You Could Too!”

  1. What a fun visit to receive! The Fariy hobmother really gets around… those must be some strong wings!

    I would use the gift card to knock off another appliance or kitchen gadget from my master wish-list. We are looking to start grinding our own wheat and I would love a new cheese making kit.

  2. Wow, I spend so much time trying to keep up with the all the other fairies in our house… Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Tinkerbell with her whole crew. My daughter left gifts for TB and 5 others with her tooth a couple months ago and then waited impatiently for return gifts… Each one to be appropriate to who she was. A painting from one, a plant, metal from another, etc. you get the idea. Just the thought that there is another one out there who just might bring something for – gasp – ME??? Wow! LOL. Actually, I’d probably end up buying fairy books or the like for my daughter, being the sucker for punishment that I am.

  3. Positively Pampered Patty

    I would buy a new laptop or tablet for now until I could afford a new laptop. Coffee and laptops don’t mix. I will keep repeating ” I do believe in fairies! I do! I do! ” Maybe I’ll get a visit! ;)

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