Walk All Day and Jam All Night with Will Stroet’s New DVD Will’s Jams-Giveaway

Last year my boys and I discovered the fun-filled music of Vancouver-based children’s musician Will Stroet. It only took a few songs for us to fall in love with Will’s music and to this day, the CD my youngest son keeps in his room ready to play at the push of a button is Will’s Walk ‘n’ Roll album. So when I got the chance to review Will’s new DVD, Will’s Jams, I was thrilled.

will's jams box artUnlike my boys’ other DVDs, this disc wasn’t a story with music incorporated into the plot. It was a collection of ten music videos for Will’s songs. Since my boys had never really watched an entire DVD consisting only of music videos, I wasn’t sure how they would like it. I shouldn’t have worried; they were dancing and singing within minutes!

My husband and I enjoyed the DVD just as much as our boys and weeks after receiving the disc to review, every member of our family will still randomly start singing Will’s song Jam whenever we are making toast and sometimes just for no reason at all!

This DVD is a great way to get away from the preschool cartoons that younger children seem to want to watch constantly and add some music to a child’s day instead. The DVD even includes Je vais marcher, one of Will’s French songs. The boys can’t help but laugh when they hear the song they just listened to sung in another language and they think that it’s so amazing that their dad, who was born and raised in Quebec, can understand the words!

If you’ve never heard Will’s music before, check out this fun video for his song Full of Beans!

Overall, Will’s Jams was just as much fun as the CDs we received and my boys put it on at least once a week. The catchy melodies and addictive lyrics are a huge part of the music’s appeal and there’s not a single member of our household that isn’t guilty of randomly singing one of his songs at odd times during the day! If you’re looking for some fun new music for you kids this summer, check out Will’s Jams for yourself. Or check the concert listings to see if there’s a live show near you!
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