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My 5-year-old Anna treasures her long, silky hair. She spends a lot of time every day brushing through her brown locks since she wears her hair down most of the time. As much as I love to pin it up and try different accessories in her hair she would rather leave it down and unrestricted. So trying out a new hair accessory to review was something I knew I would enjoy…but I wasn’t too sure about her.

We received a very unique little hair piece called the Twirlyz. The Twirlyz hair piece is a flexible spiral available in a varitiey of colours and two different lengths with a dangling bead and charm attachment at the bottom end. To use it, you simply take a small chunk of hair, twist it a bit at the top and begin weaving it around the spiral. The end result is a bit of colour and style weaved into your locks like a piece of jewellery.

So it turned out this really was an excellent accessory for my daughter who likes her hair down and flowing! The Twirlyz spiral doesn’t pull or pinch anywhere but simply rests in the hair gently and securely. Also, the optional charm attachments for the bottom of the Twirlyz provides the ability to really personalize the piece with whatever suits the wearer. For example Anna chose a peace sign to add to the bottom of her Twirlyz.

The Twirlyz was not only a hit with my 5-year-old daughter; my 14-year-old sister also snatched one up as soon as she saw them. She put it in her hair one morning, left it in all day and even slept with it. The next morning it was still in the same spot and she even left it in for another day!

This product is very durable too. One day I stuffed a couple of Twirlyz into my purse to take on a trip. When I pulled them out later on I was sad to see they had gotten bent in transit. I tried to bend them back but I didn’t think they were holding. However when I came back a few hours later to where I had left them I was thrilled to see that they had regained their original shape!

Twirlyz wants you to try these fun accessories for yourself, so they are very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader $20 in Twirlyz products! And because Twirlyz wants you to save on these great accessories even if you don’t win, the company also has some exclusive coupon codes for Mommy Kat and Kids readers. Simply enter MKAK20% for 20% off orders over 20$ or MKAK30% for 30% off orders over 35$.

The Twirlyz is a great simple hair accessory that is easy to use and perfectly comfortable for any girls that may be fussy about their hair. You can view the whole product line as well as photos and video at, so check it out and add a little extra style to your child’s hair!
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