It’s Worth Buying High Quality When It Comes to Your Child’s Bed

One of my most memorable events from my childhood was when my room received a full makeover that included the purchase of a new single bed, new bedding and new paint. It was my first experience with the world of interior design and I remember so clearly looking through catalogues searching for the perfect blanket set and deciding on my room’s colour scheme.

time living chiswick football metal bedI decided my room would be pink and white and my bedding matched the theme: pink blankets with white polka dots and a cuddly cartoon puppy. At the time I thought it was the most stylish décor imaginable. Today I know better. But there is one item from my room makeover that is still as stylish and functional as the day my parents bought it for me. My bed.

The solid wood single Captain’s bed with drawers in the bottom was dismantled and stored in a damp garage for over a decade when I moved into my own apartment. When we bought our house, it was saved in storage until the day that Benjamin moved from a crib to a bed. On that day, we pulled out the pieces and reassembled the bed. I gave it a quick treatment with lemon oil and it looked as good as new.

Beds like that were the norm when I was a child but these days, finding well-designed single beds isn’t as easy. The disposable mentality that’s taken over so much of our lives has resulted in beds that are bright and attractive when new but that tend to break after just a few years. And while the cost of a solid, high-quality wood or metal bed like the ones at Tesco Direct might be higher than a discount bed at a big box retailer, it really is worth it in the long run. The single bed from my childhood is proof of that!

While it cost my parents extra money to get me such a great bed, it was of such superb quality that it lasted not just through my entire childhood but also through years of storage so that my son could one day use it without us having to worry about buying him a bed. And there’s not a doubt in my mind that it will last through his entire childhood as well.

If you’re planning on buying a single bed for your child sometime soon, make sure you shop around and plan for the future. It can be tempting to buy an inexpensive bed featuring the latest cartoon characters for your little one but it may not be the best choice for the long-term. So take your time and pick a bed that fits your budget, your child and your future plans!
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4 thoughts on “It’s Worth Buying High Quality When It Comes to Your Child’s Bed”

  1. I couldn’t even find a single bed for my son that was hardwood when I was looking a few years ago. Even double beds were hard to find – everything was Queen size. Yes, that’s what he ended up with. I ended up having to special order one in from Virginia, USA but it’s made in North America out of real wood, and it’s going to be the only bed he has in this house. Now that I’m searching again for my daughter I was hoping there would be more options, but I’m thinking we’re going the same route again. Unfortunate, but what I keep hearing is that people want cheap and they don’t care about “real” wood.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Heidi! It makes me glad that I kept mine. I know of a few companies that produce nice solid wood furniture, but hardwood is so rare nowadays. You may want to check out Storkcraft; they’re Canadian and while they originally focused on cribs and toddler beds, they’ve expanded their line to twin and double beds now. I know they always use solid wood for their beds but I don’t know what kind of wood they use. Might be worth asking, anyways!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Not just beds, but many pieces of furniture today are not made like they were used to. I guess it’s because people are weighing more on the price rather than the quality, but not me. I’d rather buy an expensive product with good quality than buying a cheap one and then replace it within months of usage. In the end, you’d get to save more this way.

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