Cool Your Kids Down with Homemade Freezycup Ice Pops from

To me, nothing says “summer” quite like a child eating an ice pop. I usually prefer making ice pops at home since the ingredients in a store-bought treat are mostly sugar and artificial flavouring. I’ve always had ice pop moulds at home but with recent concerns about BPA and other toxins in plastic, I’m a little more hesitant about using my tried and true ice pop moulds. Fortunately, Life Without Plastic came to the rescue this year by sending me two of its fabulous new Freezycup moulds.

freezycup ice pop mouldsThese ice pop moulds are made of stainless steel and come with three reusable bamboo sticks and two silicone gaskets each. They are the perfect 100ml size and I loved the fact that they featured curved edges on the lid to help contain drips. My oldest son can devour an ice pop almost before it starts to melt but my youngest son likes to take his time when eating frozen foods and the versatile lid really minimized the mess when he was eating.

I had a great time making up new recipes to use with the Freezycup ice pop moulds. First I decided to make some easy banana yoghurt pops. I just mixed together a 100g single-serve container of yoghurt and a mashed banana and then poured it into the moulds. This recipe filled the two moulds perfectly and the banana added extra nutrition and creaminess to the pops. The boys loved them!

boy eating freezycup ice pop
Benjamin likes to take his time when eating ice pops!

I also made chocolate pudding pops, a healthier version of the fudge pops that are my favourite summer treat. I made a regular batch of chocolate pudding and filled the moulds. There was some leftover pudding with this recipe, but I was happy to help out by finishing the extra!

If you’d love to try out these fantastic eco-friendly Freezycup moulds for yourself, you’re in luck! Life Without Plastic is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader two Freezycup ice pop moulds! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what type of ice pops you would first try making if you won.

boy eating an ice pop made in a freezycup mould
Zackary can gobble up an ice pop in minutes!

I loved using these cute ice pop moulds to make treats for my boys and they loved eating my healthy frozen creations. It was a great way to enjoy the pleasures of summer without adding a bunch of sugar and artificial additives to my children’s diets. Check out these new ice pop moulds from and let your kids eat some cool summer treats you’ve made yourself!
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  1. I am sure it would involve yogurt and strawberries, then raspberries in the next batch, then blueberries etc…

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