Make Time for “Mom Maintenance”

Taking care of our families is rewarding in so many ways. There may be struggles here and there, but creating a healthy and happy home for people you love is one of life’s most satisfying experiences.

yoga womanSometimes, though, we’re so busy taking care of everyone else – children, friends, parents, neighbours, lifelong loves – that we forget to take care of ourselves. Have you ever noticed that? Other people’s needs seem more urgent than our own, so whatever we need to feel inspired or uplifted can be set aside for another day.

The only problem is that’s not too efficient. It’s like driving the same vehicle for thousands of miles and never stopping to put air in the tires. Sooner or later, a flat tire will bring the trip to a grinding halt. Yet avoiding that disruption would’ve been easy, just by taking a few minutes for maintenance.

Moms need maintenance, too.

It might be an hour alone with a good book. It might be an afternoon at the computer ordering a pair of shoes you see. Or try to get away for a few hours for a facial, manicure or body wrap at a spa.

Of course, your budget and schedule make a difference as to what kind of maintenance best fits your life. Naturally you don’t want pure self-indulgence to deprive your family of what they need. But at the same time, what they really don’t need is your tires going flat.

One great compromise is massage.

While it feels wonderful, such therapy isn’t like spending money on one fabulous meal that’ll be gone in a few hours or a gorgeous pair of earrings that provide nothing except high style. The long-lasting value is that massage actually improves your health.

Reducing stress is only the beginning of how it benefits your body and mind. Along with stress relief comes lower heart rate and blood pressure, better circulation and posture and increased flexibility and range of motion.

Whether you’re always on the go or confined to repeating the same type of movements over and over, tension in your muscles builds up to the point of pain which you probably ignore most of the time.

But massage therapy helps encourage blood flow to your muscles, resulting in additional oxygen and nutrients reaching the affected areas – and leading to deeper breathing and better sleep as well, which benefits your entire body.

Imagine getting significantly better performance out of your car, your computer or your refrigerator from only an hour of professional maintenance. It’s an amazing value and a great way to make sure you get the care you need to continue caring for those you love.
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