Little Kids Can Feel Big When They Eat with Playtex Mealtime Toddler Utensils-Giveaway

Benjamin prides himself on being a big boy but when it comes to mealtime, that can cause problems since he wants to use the same dishware, cutlery and cups as everyone else. And as hard as he tries, our standard plates, forks and glasses are just too big and unwieldy for his little mouth. Fortunately, Playtex Mommyville came to the rescue by sending me a set of the Playtex Mealtime Toddler Utensils to review. I had high hopes that this cute toddler-sized cutlery would satisfy my son’s need for independence and still let him eat with ease.

playtex mealtime toddler utensilsThe Playtex Toddler Utensils are designed so that they are the right size for little hands but still nice and sturdy like adult cutlery. Benjamin loved the fat blue handles of his special fork and spoon and I was happy to see that he seemed to find the cutlery an acceptable choice for a “big boy.”

At our next meal, I served Benjamin his dinner with his new fork and spoon. I liked the safety features of the fork; it had rounded ends so that my independent eater wouldn’t accidentally poke himself and because the ends of the cutlery were still made of stainless steel, he was able to use them confidently just as he had with the large metal cutlery. One of my pet peeves is when children’s cutlery is made of flimsy plastic that makes it hard for a child to scoop up their meal. The Playtex Toddler Utensils didn’t have that problem!

If you think this cutlery would be a great fit for your child, get ready to cheer! Playtex Mommyville is very generously offering two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers their own set of Playtex Toddler Utensils! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment with your favourite tip for feeding a toddler.

Overall, the Playtex Toddler Utensils set was the perfect transition cutlery for Benjamin; when using it he found it easy to eat his meals and also felt like a big kid. And the easy-to-grasp handles of the cutlery were so appealing that even Zackary occasionally took the spoon to eat yoghurt or applesauce! If you want durable, perfectly sized cutlery that your toddler will love using, check out this cute fork and spoon set for yourself. It’s the perfect choice for any little darling that just can’t wait to be big!
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  1. Let them play with their food – if they are interested in what is in front of them they will be more likely to actually EAT it!

  2. Valerie Darsigny

    I try to keep her interested, like let her play with a spoon to learn to handle it and try to eat by herself :)

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