Spoil Your Cat with Health-Boosting Feline Greenies SmartBites Cat Treats

While our precious Siamese cross Racer’s diva-like attitude is sometimes a little irritating, I have to admit that it’s partly our own fault. Designer dishes from Martha Stewart Pets, bottled water to drink, the latest cat toys…no wonder she thinks she’s the queen of the house! And now that she’s being spoiled with Feline Greenies SmartBites every day, she may just start showing even more attitude! But even though these treats are delicious to her, they also provide great health benefits that make me happy to give her a treat when she wants one.

I recently received an assortment of SmartBites to give to Racer and I couldn’t wait to check them out. These fun treats come in three health-boosting varieties: Healthy Skin & Fur, Hairball Control and Digestive Care. Racer has the beautiful silky fur of a purebred Siamese and a tendency to eat things that she shouldn’t, so I was very excited for her to reap the different health benefits that the treats were designed to provide!

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I gave her the Healthy Skin & Fur SmartBites first and despite the odd green colour, she gobbled them up! I liked the fact that these tidbits were available in both chicken and salmon flavour so that I could switch back and forth and keep her interested. She loved the taste and I loved that the fish oil and flax seed in the treats helped to nourish her skin and ensure smooth, silky fur!

The next treats our little darling sampled were the Hairball Control SmartBites. These treats were available in both chicken and tuna varieties and contained an exclusive FIBERBLEND Formula to help minimize hairball formation. Racer doesn’t get many hairballs, but when she does it’s always a messy, unpleasant experience. Add to that her tendency to eat blades of grass and large moths and it’s clear that her digestive system needs all the help it can get! She loved these treats as well and I looked forward to fewer days of cleaning up slimy messes!

Then final variety was the Digestive Care SmartBites, which featured coconut meal, a natural source of fibre that also helps promote good bacteria in the digestive tract. These treats come in a salmon flavour and Racer seemed to especially like them. She hopped up and nosed at the bag for more after I had let her sample a few, her way of telling me that these things are a-okay!

I love the idea of giving my picky princess treats that actually improve her health instead of just feeding her empty calories and from the way she gobbles them down, she’s pretty accepting of the idea as well! If you’re looking for healthy treats that your cat will actually eat, check out Feline Greenies SmartBites today. You’ll love spoiling your cuddly kitty knowing that you’re improving her health at the same time!
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