Get Your Kids Their Daily Fruits and Veggies with Earth’s Best Organic Kidz Applesauce-Giveaway

It can be hard to make sure that kids get all the servings of fruit and vegetables that they need in a day, especially once school starts up and extracurricular activities begin once more! Add to that the stress of dealing with picky eaters that turn their noses up at anything green and it’s no wonder us moms can get frustrated trying to get our kids to meet their daily requirements!

earth's best applesauceBut those fruits and veggies are important! They contain fibre and essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for growing bodies. So what’s a poor busy mom to do? Turn to Earth’s Best Organic! The company’s tasty applesauce is certified organic, unsweetened, free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and a great way to help kids add some extra fruit to their day.

We received some Earth’s Best Organic Kidz Applesauce to test out. I knew at once Zackary would love them; he’s always been a big fan of any type of fruit puree. Sure enough, he gobbled up one of the handy snack-sized cups as soon as I had pulled it out of the box! While he would have happily eaten them all, I decided to save a few for his lunch since they’re the perfect size for enjoying after a sandwich.

Benjamin has long been opposed to eating any type of pureed fruit snack, but after watching his brother enjoy applesauce so often, he finally decided to try one for himself. While I don’t think he was crazy about it, he did eat most of it!

Earth’s Best Organic wants to make it a little easier for your child to get their daily fruits and veggies, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader an Earth’s Best Organic Kidz Applesauce prize pack! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what type of fruit is your child’s favourite. And for more great tips on how to encourage your child to eat more fruits and vegetables, check out this great article about getting your child to pick fruits and vegetables.

If you have a child that isn’t getting enough fruits and vegetables, pick up a few packs of the Earth’s Best Organic Kidz Applesauce. It’s a delicious treat that’s easy to pack in lunches, carry around in a purse or eat at home for a snack. And best of all, kids love it!
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  1. My daughters are all really good fruit eaters – they love it when I buy grapes the most! But for some reason none of them will eat bananas anymore!

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