Encourage Your Children to Drink More Water with the Brita Kids’ Bottle

Now that kids are getting ready to head back to school, the stores are full of all kinds of great lunch gear. And this year, Brita, the company that dedicates itself to providing clean, great-tasting water without wasteful plastic bottles, is offering its own new back-to-school item, the Brita Kids’ Bottle!

brita-bottle-kids-green-squaresMany adults have probably already used a Brita Bottle in the past. The handy portable water bottle features a Brita filter in the lid. Simply fill the bottle with ordinary tap water and then drink to filter out impurities for great-tasting water anytime.

And with the new Brita Kids’ Bottle, now kids can enjoy the same great-tasting water at school or extra-curricular activities! I received both an original Brita Bottle and a Brita Kids’ Bottle to test out and I was excited to see how my boys like them.

Zackary already has quite a few bottles, so initially I planned to give the Brita Kids’ Bottle to Benjamin. I liked the colourful, kid-friendly design of the bottle and filled it with water to see if Benjamin would like the taste.

I quickly learned, however, that it takes a bit of work to get the water through the filter and into the mouth. It’s really just a matter of squeezing the bottle but it was a little hard for my almost three-year-old son to manage. Zackary had no problem with drinking from the bottle, though, which means that it’s a perfect bottle for any school-aged child.

I had actually never used a Brita Bottle either so I was excited to give it a try myself. The way that our mineral-filled tap water changed in taste after going through the Brita filter was really rather amazing. And the filters last for about two months! If you’d like to try out the Brita Kids’ Bottle, make sure to visit filterforgood.ca to get a coupon good for $2 off any Brita Bottle or Brita Kids’ Bottle!

If you’re looking for an economical way to send your child to school with great-tasting water every day, check out the new Brita Kids’ Bottle. You’ll be delighted by how tasty your ordinary tap water can be!
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