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FamilyManifestoPersonalizedSmallI want my home to always be a place where my children can feel safe and loved. A place where they can share their feelings, express their frustrations and use their imaginations all that they want. There are times when it can be hard to remember how much I want that. (Like those moments when I’ve asked them something nineteen times and asking a twentieth just might make me go crazy!) So that’s why I was delighted when I got the chance to review the Family Manifesto poster from Life Manifestos.

This gorgeous 16” by 20” poster comes in both a generic and a personalized version. I decided to get the Personalized Family Manifest Poster that features the words “We are the Lavallee Family” printed in the centre. The manifesto contains a statement that embraced everything I want my boys to feel when they’re in their home, a manifesto that inspired strength and confidence while creating an atmosphere of love, comfort, and support.

When the poster arrived, I fell in love with the glossy print and the different old-fashioned fonts that were used for the text. The manifesto was written in a variety of brown and black inks that was beautifully old-fashioned and neutral enough to fit with almost any décor. We happened to have an old frame that was just the right size for this poster and so we hung it up in the centre of our living room wall. It looked amazing and served as a constant reminder of how important our family bond was.

family manifesto framed on wall

If you’ve fallen in love with these beautiful Family Manifesto posters, you’re in luck! Life Manifestos is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own personalized Family Manifesto poster, a $30 value! To enter to win, visit the Family Manifesto product page and leave a blog comment about what part of the Family Manifesto resonated the most with you. And if you just can’t wait to own one of these posters for yourself, enter coupon code MOMMYKAT to get free shipping on your online order! Code expires August 15, 2012.

I’m so happy to have this beautiful and meaningful poster hanging in the living room and I read through it at least once a day to make sure that I’m remembering to be as patient and understanding with my boys as possible. If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of artwork that will inspire and comfort you through all the joys and trials that a family faces, take a look at these beautiful Family Manifesto posters for yourself. They’re the perfect home décor item for any family!
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  1. Krystine Aguiar

    This is really beautiful! I liked “in our home, you are loved, wanted, appreciated and cherished – no matter what.”

  2. Cheering our hearts out for you to reach, strive, leave it all on the field, become who you were born to become

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