Get Hairstyle Inspiration with the Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip-Giveaway

I usually have about two different styles for my hair; it’s either up in a ponytail or I leave it down.  With two girls to pretty up, I have tried to expand my styling horizons but it is still usually their father that ends up mastering the different braids and up-dos!  It’s not that I don’t want to be skilled at styling my own and my daughters’ hair, it’s just that I haven’t had much experience or success with it. So when I got the chance to review a unique little hair accessory from Lilla Rose consultant Becca Carrol, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try mastering a new look that could break up my boring hair rut.

lilla rose roman cross antique brass

Becca provided me with a Flexi Hair Clip from the Lilla Rose product line, which is just one of the beautiful hair accessories the boutique offers.  From the photos, I thought the product looked similar to others I had used in the past but when I first tried it, I realized it was actually very different.  While most hair clips are hard the Flexi is soft and flexible, which makes it extremely comfortable.  I fully realized this when I noticed I was able to rest my head back on the headrest of my car without anything digging into my scalp. (This is normally my biggest pet peeve with hair clips and generally stops me from using them.) Once I realized how comfortable the product was, I began to experiment with styles.  It is truly perfect for the half ponytail but can also be used to hold the hair in a complete up-do, which I really liked.

lilla rose flexi clip updo
One of my favourite hairstyles: the messy up-do!

I also used the Flexi on my daughters.  My two-year-old Isabelle has wild hair and won’t wear ponytails or clips for very long because she finds them uncomfortable.  With the Flexi I was able to pull her hair back and keep it together in a nice tidy bundle that she didn’t want to tear out twenty minutes later! And the Flexi Clip was just the right clip for creating a cute half ponytail with five-year-old Anna’s hair.

girl with lilla rose flexi clip
Anna with a pretty half-ponytail using the Flexi Clip!

If you love hair accessories or if you are like I was and just bored of your go-to ‘dos, why not visit the Lilla Rose website to have a look at the entire product line.  With so many different options available you are bound to find some inspiration for your own new style!
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  1. These were all so pretty, it is hard to choose! But I thnk my two favourites would be, etched tiger lilly in large and a small lovely Circle pink!

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