Kids Won’t Be Carrying a Load with the Wilson Jones Backpack Binder-Giveaway

A large, hardcover binder may seem like the perfect choice for your child’s schoolwork, but did you ever think about how heavy that binder is when it’s stuffed into a backpack with half-a-dozen other ones? It’s no wonder that back pain among school-aged children is such a concern.

wilson jones backpack binder assortmentFortunately, Wilson Jones has a solution: the new Backpack Binder! These unique binders feature soft, bendable covers and weigh 65% less than a traditional 1” binder. I recently received a package of six binders so that I could check out the back-saving design for myself.

The first thing I noticed about these binders was their colourful designs. The binders are available in both a girl-friendly abstract set featuring pink, green and blue and a sports-themed boy-friendly set in blue and green. I couldn’t imagine any child that wouldn’t be excited to have such colourful binders for their schoolwork.

The other great feature of these binders is the fact that they could be rolled up so that one backpack could hold up to ten binders! And even with so many binders packed in, the backpack would still weigh less than one holding five regular binders!

Of course, the lightweight, portable design isn’t much use if a child’s schoolwork can’t stand up to the wear and tear of the school year. That’s why, as a parent, I was delighted to see that the Wilson Jones Backpack Binder was guaranteed to last all school year!

kids with wilson jones backpack binderWilson Jones wants you to see how useful these binders are for yourself, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own set of six binders in either the girl-friendly Collection One set or the boy-friendly Collection Two set. To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about how many binders your child will need for school this year.

The Wilson Jones Backpack Binder is available exclusively at Costco stores across Canada for just $11.99 for a set of six. Kids still may not be thrilled about all the schoolwork they’re toting around but at least with the Wilson Jones Backpack Binder, their backs won’t suffer! For stylish and convenient binders that are light and easy to carry, check out these fun binders for yourself!
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