Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Biking from Behind

Today while biking to Zackary’s swimming lessons, my two-year-old Benjamin got his hands on my camera and took some pictures. When we got home and I looked at them, I was amazed by how many neat perspective pictures he had captured!

mom and boy on bike
I didn’t crop or edit the pictures at all; he did such a great job getting unique shots that they really deserved to be shown exactly as they were taken.

woman on bike
I even love this one, despite the fact that it’s a picture of my bottom. The trees in the background just look so neat!

blurry red photo
He did an amazing job, but before you find yourself too amazed by his talent, keep in mind there were an awful lot of pictures like this in the collection too!

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63 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Biking from Behind”

  1. OK, I don’t care how many “bad” photos there were…the fact that he could take so many great photos is AMAZING, and he’s only two…Wow!!

    1. That’s why I was so excited about them too; it would be hard to take pictures like this! Lucky I have my own little photographer to tow around! LOL

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