Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Iced Tea and Dog Bones

boys lemonade stand
This past weekend, Zackary decided he wanted to set up a lemonade stand. Or, rather, a dog bone stand, to sell bones to people walking by with their dogs! I convinced him to add iced tea to the inventory as well.

selling iced tea
He did such a good job marketing! He made a sign to wave around and yelled, “HEY!! DO YOU WANT ICED TEA?!” at everyone that passed by.

boys playing hopscotch
When business got slow, Zackary and Benjamin entertained themselves by playing hopscotch on the front sidewalk.
boy and lemonade stand
Soon, though, it was back to work. Zackary’s dog bones were a huge hit; everyone that stopped for a drink bought a few for their pet at the same time!

zackary selling iced tea
Zackary stayed out until supper and had so much fun. We finally convinced him to come inside, but only after promising he could set up his stand again next weekend!

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    1. Isn’t it awesome! We bought it on clearance five years ago and saved it until he was old enough. He was asking us for a stand this year, so we figured he was old enough!

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