Snacking is Healthier and More Fun with Earth’s Best Happy Snax-Giveaway

earth's best happy snaxSnacks are one of those things that my boys and I sometimes have trouble agreeing on. Overall, Zackary and Benjamin are actually pretty good about enjoying healthy treats like fresh fruit and whole-wheat toast. But when they get the chance, they just can’t resist what my oldest son affectionately refers to as “sugary snacks.”

Fortunately, now we have the perfect compromise from Earth’s Best Organic! New Earth’s Best Happy Snax are bite-sized morsels of organic whole grains that come in two kid-friendly flavours: Apple Cinnamon and Graham. My boys were so excited to sit down and snack on these tasty tidbits for their after-school snack.

Zackary and Benjamin decided to try the Apple Cinnamon Happy Snax first. I have to admit, seeing the cute smiley-faced snacks put a grin on my face too! As a teenager, I had an infatuation with smiley faces and they still tend to make me beam when I see them.

The boys, however, were much more interested in the taste than the shape and from the way they devoured the Happy Snax, the taste was pretty good! They finally got to have a “sugary snack” that Mom could feel good about too thanks to the iron, zinc and B vitamins in each serving! And I loved the fact that the treats, like all Earth’s Best products, contained no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

If you want a tasty and healthy snack for your little ones too, you’re in luck! Earth’s Best Organic is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own Earth’s Best Happy Snax prize pack! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which variety of Happy Snax you would most like to try.

Finding a snack that’s both mom and kid approved isn’t always easy but Happy Snax were a great choice for us. Check them out and give your child a cheery snack packed with essential nutrients!
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