Fall Family Safety Tips with Master Lock

autumn foliageNow that summer is over, it’s time to settle down, get organized and prepare for the routine of work and school that autumn always brings. But it’s also time to check my home to make sure that my family is safe and secure as the weather begins to cool. This month my job as a member of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad was to discuss fall family safety, so I decided to share a bit about how I prepare for cold weather each year. Here are my top three fall safety tasks:

1) Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors:

Smoke detectors should have their batteries replaced yearly and carbon monoxide detectors usually need new batteries twice a year, so autumn is an ideal time to make sure that these important devices are working properly and replace the batteries if necessary. I like to do this in the fall because I can test devices when the boys are at school. They are not a fan of loud noises!

2) Prepare for winter’s chill by servicing the furnace:

A well-maintained furnace isn’t just safer, it’s also more efficient so I always make sure our house is ready for snow by scheduling a professional servicing and replacing the furnace filter. And when the first flakes hit the ground and I crank up the heat for the first time, I’m always glad I did!

3) Store summer gear safely:

When the wind starts to carry a chill, all those beloved summer possessions need to be safely packed away until the days are warm once more. I used to just leave outdoor gear in the back yard all year long, but my husband taught me that bicycles, outdoor toys and pool accessories will all last longer if properly stored. And once I’ve packed everything into the garage, I make sure it stays safe with a good lock! The Master Lock 312 DLH Covered Laminated Padlock is a great choice for outdoor use since it has a thermoplastic shell designed to prevent damage from the elements. And I love that there’s no combination to remember!

It doesn’t take much time to make sure that my family and our possessions are safe as summer turns into fall. Why not take a few minutes to ensure that your family is ready for cold weather this year too? Once you do, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the season!
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  1. Thanks for these reminders! I need to get our furnace checked and check our carbon monoxide detectors/smoke alarms. We had a cop and her family tragically die in the middle of the night because of carbon in their home and it’s important in our city that everyone checks them! You just never know!

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