The Great Gazzoon Provides Fanciful Audio Entertainment from Award-Winning Children’s Performer Rick Scott

I don’t make any secret of my love of children’s music and literature. They are, in my opinion, one of the best foundations for future success and the fact that children are born with a natural love of music and stories only strengthens my beliefs.

That’s why I take every opportunity I can to expose my children to a variety of stories and songs that will increase their appreciation for the diversity of the arts and the limitless boundaries of the human imagination.

the great gazzoon coverWhen I received an illustrated musical audio novel entitled The Great Gazzoon: A Tall Tale with Tunes and Turbulence by Rick Scott, I knew that I had found one of those gems in the world of children’s entertainment that would become a favourite in our home. Here’s a brief synopsis of the set:

Like his ancestors before him, Gazoon Wazoo is supposed to be practicing for the terrifying Walk across The Wire between the terrifying peaks of Mount Lanadoon. Instead he’s been playing his shnookimer and making up songs with his special ekko and a poetry-writing Princess. Can one boy’s love of music outsmart the angry Winds, defeat wily Lord Grot and bring balance and safety to the Kingdom? Join Rick Scott and 25 actors, singers and musicians for a musical audio adventures on 4 CDs with 40-page illustrated songbook.

When I popped the first CD into my computer and turned up the volume, I expected music. I expected poetry. But I had no way to predict the enchanting and imaginative journey that would begin with the first opening track.

The story of Gazoon Wazoo and his discontent with his destiny to walk between the two peaks of his mountain home was instantly absorbing and the blend of storytelling, poetry and music that created the experience was simply fabulous.

With the help of a letter-loving Princess put in charge of the alphabet by her father the King and the constant companionship of his ekko Nonamee, Gazoon has to take his own destiny in his hands, confront his fear and ensure the security of the home he loves. I was swept away by the story and spent an entire afternoon listening to all four CDs, fully captivated the entire time.

Rick Scott was inspired to create the fanciful tale to teach his grandchildren about conquering fear. Having listened to the musical audio book, it’s no surprise to me that Scott’s previous CDs have earned numerous honours including a Juno Award nomination, a Canadian Folk Music Award and multiple approvals from Parent’s Choice.

The Great Gazzoon is available to purchase at, CD Baby and various Canadian bookstores and would be a wonderful way to enjoy a little screen-free family entertainment.

Check out the official website and learn how a music-loving boy with a frightening task earns the title of The Great Gazzoon!

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  1. Rick’s 7 children’s recordings, co-written and produced by Valley Hennell, have sold over 90,000 copies and won numerous kudos including three Juno nominations and Canadian Folk Music, West Coast Music and Canadian Book Centre Our Choice Awards in Canada and Parents’ Choice, NAPPA Gold, Children’s Music Web and iParenting Media Honors in the U.S.

    very cool :)

  2. Event 2012/10/16 in Vancouver, BC THE GREAT GAZZOON MUISC, MAYHEM-MAGNIFICENT!
    at Vancouver Writers Fest Waterfront Theatre, Granville Islandwith author/comic book illustrator
    Scott Chantler

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