The Little Tikes Action Flashlight Animal Makes Homework More Fun-Giveaway

Kids heading back to school means all kinds of changes to household routines. And one of the biggest changes is the addition of homework to a child’s day. It’s something that some kids love and others loathe, but this year, Little Tikes has a great new product to make homework more fun for kids of all ages!

little tikes logoThe Little Tikes Action Flashlight Animal comes in three fun animal designs and is perfect for lighting up a homework desk. We received the Frog flashlight to review and both of my boys were so excited when I pulled it out of the box.

The Action Flashlight Animal features a fun character head, bendable limbs and a flashlight in the belly of the animal. Turning on the light is as simple as pressing the frog’s tummy! Turn it off and on once more and the light flashes. The boys were delighted by the frog and I had to use a timer so that they would share it without too much fighting!

What makes this flashlight so perfect for doing homework is the fact that it can be positioned almost anywhere thanks to the bendable arms and legs of the character. Zackary could sit the frog down on the arm of the couch, stand it up on the table or wrap it around the base of a chair. So whether he was practicing his reading while sprawled out on the floor or sitting up at the table working on his printing, he was able to have the Action Flashlight Animal in just the right position to shed some light on his work!

And because children can be forgetful, the flashlight features an automatic shut-off to help preserve the batteries. My boys are notorious for leaving toys running so I really appreciated this feature. Without it I’m sure that the poor frog would have had his batteries drained at least once already!

Animal Flashlight Collage

The Action Flashlight Animals also come in an Elephant and a Monkey design and are a cute addition to any child’s homework desk. And Little Tikes is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader an Action Flashlight Animal of their choice! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which design you would choose if you won!

Kids may be getting back to days of learning once again but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still have fun as they work on their reading, writing and arithmetic! Check out these fun flashlights for yourself and give your child a homework buddy that’s as adorable as he is helpful!
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