Pack Kids Lunches with Thermos and Learn About the Thermos Product A Day Giveaway

Hydration Bottle - HS4010A_Purple-FlowerenlargeThis year both of my boys are going to going to school. Zackary is entering Grade One so this will be his first year of full school days every day of the week. And Benjamin is starting playschool; it’s only two mornings a week but it will be his first time out of the house on his own.

With both a lunch and a snack to pack during the weekdays, having a good collection of reusable lunch and snack containers is essential to me, so I was very excited when I got the chance to review some of the new products from Thermos Canada this year.

I received a Snak Jar and a Hydration Bottle to review. The Hydration Bottle had a fairly feminine purple print so I decided to claim it for myself. I have to admit, I’ve actually always wanted one of these bottles; with its flip-up lid, handy straw and stylish design, carrying water just doesn’t get any better! I especially loved the way the straw was built into the bottle. I tend to be a bit sloppy drinking out of a regular bottle so having the handy straw always ready to be used was perfect for me.

Snak Jar - SJ300BlueThe Snak Jar was my real favourite though and I immediately decided that it would be Benjamin’s to use for his playschool snack. This clever insulated container features a bottom leak-proof section for holding food and a top section that contained a handy collapsible spoon. I loved the fact that I could use the same container to give Benjamin alphabet noodles one day and fruit chunks the next!

So that you can see how handy Thermos products truly are, Thermos Canada is currently holding a fabulous back-to-school Product A Day Giveaway! Every day from now until October 4, 2012, one lucky entrant will win a Thermos Food Jar and a cookbook, a $55 value! To enter to win, visit today!

Benjamin is so happy with his Thermos Snak Jar and I can’t wait to pack a special treat into the container for his first day of playschool. If you’re looking for useful, durable and high-quality reusable lunch containers for your kids, why not see what Thermos has to offer? And don’t forget to enter the Thermos Product A Day Giveaway to get the chance to win a fabulous Thermos product of your own!
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8 thoughts on “Pack Kids Lunches with Thermos and Learn About the Thermos Product A Day Giveaway”

  1. Thermos has been around a long time in the 60s when I was a kids that was the only trusted brand their was!! Never 100’s to choose from! Also went to their site and cannot see a daily giveaway, went through the site however I did enter one for all of July

    1. It just went live this morning, Doris! :) You were an early bird, but it’s up now! I know exactly what you mean; I have Smurf’s lunchbox from Thermos that I used as a kid; I still love it and it’s still going strong!

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