Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Ducks Away!

lumsden duck derby 2012
Every Labour Day, my hometown drops plastic ducks into the river and races them one kilometre, with the fastest duck awarding its winner $20,000. The coolest part? This year the winner was a five-year-old girl! Bet she had a great first day of Kindergarten!

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51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Ducks Away!”

    1. Too true, Sheri! I wouldn’t have sneezed at it for sure, but I think it would be SO cool for a child! At that age, it would be the equivalent of becoming a millionaire overnight! lol

  1. WOW! Straight into the education fund. By the time she’s in university.. she’ll have… 20K (if she’s lucky) … :) joking!

    This is a great idea, I bet it gets lots of people out and about.

    1. It really does; it’s a great community-builder! And that’s so funny; one of the other prizes was a $2000 gas card and I was telling my son if he won he could save it until he got his licence. “Yeah,” my stepfather said, “he may even be able to get a full tank of gas with it by then!” Sad but true! LOL

  2. hahaha…you had me worried for a second with all those clumped together ducks!! lol… $20,000.00 would certainly start kindergarten off on the right foot!

    1. lol! The very first year, there were all kinds of snags but one was that people were calling in thinking that the organizers would be using real ducks! Can you imagine?

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