Your Entire Kitchen will be Eco-Friendly with a Little Help from PaperlessKitchen-Giveaway

My love of eco-friendly products is pretty well known. Any time I can replace a poisonous product with a natural, non-toxic one or eliminate a wasteful paper product with a reusable one, I’m a happy woman. That’s why I was so excited to learn about a new Canadian store specializing in providing families with eco-friendly, natural and reusable cleaning supplies and kitchen accessories.

skoy cloths carries a great range of products ranging from bamboo dinnerware to eco-friendly wipes. Recently I received an assortment of Skoy Cloths and two Bambooee Rolls to review and I couldn’t wait to say goodbye to sponges and paper towels in my kitchen!

Skoy Cloths are a product I’ve used before and they’re absolutely amazing. Durable, washable and biodegradable, they last as long as most dishcloths and sponges and are way better for the environment since they’re made of cotton and cellulose pulp instead of wood pulp. I also love the versatility of these cloths. They’re good for everything from wiping down kitchen surfaces to washing dishes to scrubbing dried grime.

one_bambooee_roll_largeThe Bambooee Rolls were something I hadn’t heard about before but I quickly fell in love with the idea. This roll of paper towel-like sheets is actually made of rayon derived from bamboo, which means that each sheet is washable and can be used multiple times before wearing out. In fact, one roll of twenty Bambooee sheets lasts as long as sixty rolls of regular paper towel!

PaperlessKitchen wants to help you make your kitchen as eco-friendly as possible, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a prize pack containing ten Skoy Cloths and two Bambooee Rolls, a $55 value! To enter, just visit and leave a blog comment about another product that you’d love to try.

I’m really enjoying the versatility of the Skoy Cloths and the reusable nature of the Bambooee sheets. If you’re looking for new eco-friendly ways to keep your house looking great, check out PaperlessKitchen and see what products are perfect for your household. Finding ways to clean green has never been easier!
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  1. PeopleTowels Reusable Hand Towels, I like the idea of having my very own hand towel. It seems that someone is always grabbing mine because they don’t have their own

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