The Evenflo Symphony DLX All-In-One Car Seat Keeps Kids Safe from Birth to School-Age

Benjamin is at that awkward age at which he isn’t quite big enough for a booster seat and is a little too big for a front facing car seat. He was using a booster but the seat belt wasn’t quite in the right place and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about that. Fortunately, Evenflo came to the rescue by offering me a chance to review the Symphony 65 DLX All-In-One Car Seat.

evenflo symphony dlx car seatThis car seat is the perfect all-in-one seat for children between 5 and 110 pounds. It contains some great safety features, including superior side impact safety thanks to the e3 Triple-Layer Foam. I headed out to install the car seat so that I could see how it worked for Benjamin on our next trip.

The seat was quick and easy to install due to the SureLatch system; I simply clicked the latch into place in the back of the seat and tugged it tight. Evenflo claimed I could have safety in sixty seconds with the SureLatch system and I have to admit that the company’s claims really held true!

I made sure to adjust the straps so that they fit Benjamin well and it was then that I discovered what was possibly my favourite feature of the seat. The straps slid up and locked into place at different levels for the speediest adjustment I’d ever experienced. With that done, I waited for our next trip to see how the seat worked for my son.

installing evenflo symphony car seatBenjamin loved the comfortable padded seat and I was so much happier having him in a secure five-point harness. He still had the ability to see what was going on around him but he was properly protected in case of an accident and was in a seat that was perfect for his size. And the sliding adjustable headrest at the back meant that I could have the seat perfectly fitted to him in just minutes!

Evenflo also offers car seats and boosters for children ranging from newborns to school-aged children and all of them boast exception comfort and safety features. I loved the Symphony 65 DLX All-In-One Car Seat and it was a great choice for providing Benjamin with a seat that felt like a “big kid” seat with the safety I wanted for my baby. If you have a precious little one to protect, check out some of the car seats from Evenflo and see which one is perfect for your family!
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    1. Bwa ha! Well I have to say I totally agree; that is kind of scary! My oldest is still in a booster and I remember being annoyed I had to buy yet another car seat. SO glad I can avoid that with Benjamin!

  1. I like that this carseat will support a child from 5-110 lbs! Even some adults sit in it :) I wish that I had a carseat like that when my son was a baby, as we switched from the “basket” type infant carseat and then bought another carseat when that one was outgrown.


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