Fisher-Price® Makes Learning Fun with the Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ and Stand-Up Ballcano™

When I was a baby, my very first toy was a red Fisher-Price® Happy Apple that my Mom bought as a Christmas present for me in her final month of pregnancy. A simple red plastic apple with a smiling face and a chiming bell inside, it was a favourite toy of six more babies after me as we all learned an important first lesson about cause and effect.

Toys have become more sophisticated since then but the Fisher-Price® commitment to providing toys that encourage learning through play is just as strong as it was thirty years ago. Recently my youngest son received two beautiful new Fisher-Price® toys that showed just how much the company embraces the philosophy of combining fun and learning: the Stand-Up Ballcano™ and the Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™. Benjamin was so excited to see his new toys and we enjoyed assembling the structures together.

Growing up with a car-loving older brother, Benjamin has a pretty thorough understanding of races and tracks so he gravitated towards the Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ first. I loved the way that this toy used two different tracks and fun parking areas to capture children’s interest and introduce some basic learning concepts as well.

benjamin playing with fisher-price amusement park

The bottom of one long and winding track contained a button that played a fun melody when a car pressed it down. Once again the concept of cause and effect was really being explored and Benjamin had a great time both sending the car down the track to activate the noise and pressing the button with his hand.

The highlight of the toy for Benjamin, though, was the steep side track with a loop-the-loop at the end. He positioned a car at the top of the track, pressed the release button with his hand and laughed wildly as the car zoomed around the loop and off across the floor. The activity was great for his hand-eye coordination and helped my son explore the concept of gravity too!

After about an hour of fun with the Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™, Benjamin decided that it was time to play with the Stand-Up Ballcano™. This is a toy that is perfect for a baby that is just starting to move around. Babies can place balls at the top of the toy and by activating various levers and rollers, the centre of the toy rises up and sends balls cascading down the three legs of the toy. The fun lights, music and colours provide stimulation and encourage plenty of exploration.

benjamin with fisher-price ballcano

Even for a slightly older child, the Stand-Up Ballcano™ was a toy that encouraged both play and learning. Benjamin had such a fun time running after the balls when they occasionally rolled off and dropping them back into the top of the toy one by one. His favourite part was definitely watching the balls roll off the top though!

I’ve always had a strong belief that children learn more through fun, interactive play than any other teaching method and helping children learn with joyful fun is a specialty that Fisher-Price® has continued to perfect since well before I was a baby myself. I’m so glad that my children have the chance to experience that delightful learning experience with toys like the Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ and Stand-Up Ballcano™. To help your little one develop essential skills in an entertaining way, take a look at some of the new toys from Fisher-Price® for yourself. There’s really nothing better than watching a child learn something new while having lots of fun!

We know moms and kids are learning every day, and Fisher-Price® is here to help in a joyful manner…from innovative solutions that make parents’ lives easier to toys that help kids learn and grow through play. It’s what we call the Joy of Learning. Discover more at
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18 thoughts on “Fisher-Price® Makes Learning Fun with the Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ and Stand-Up Ballcano™”

  1. Fischer Price toys are timeless and seem to last forever. This looks like a super fun toy, and I must remember it, when it comes to holiday gift buying.

  2. LOVE FISHER PRICE! My DD1 fell in love with the Stand-Up Ballcano™ at the Walmart Toy testing event. She is just starting to stand and walk and loves chasing after the balls. It surprises her EVERY TIME! lol!

  3. What great Fisher Price toys! My kids have many of the Little Price Little People playsets, along with tons of other great Fisher Price offerings. Would you believe me if I told you that I still have the Fisher Price medieval castle in my home? I still love the dungeon, trap door and secret passage way!


  4. These look so fun!! My kids would have loved this when they were a little younger. We had so many Fisher Price toys, and they provided hours of entertainments for both of our kids :)

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