Stay Cozy and Fashionable on Chilly Fall Days with Fresh Fashions from Oasap

As an Oasap blogger, I periodically receive a store credit so I can have a little shopping spree and review the items. Last time I went shopping, with summer in full swing, I focused on dresses. So this time I decided to embrace fall by choosing some cool weather items instead. After a lot of deliberation, I chose the Distinctive Round Neckline Contrast Colour Single-breasted Coat and the Snowflakes Printing Fleece Lining Parka to review.

The coat was something that I had actually thought would be perfect as a cute cover-up when I’m in business clothing. While it is nice, I did find the material didn’t make it ideal for pairing with dress clothes. The fabric had seemed a little crisper in the photos and when it arrived, I found it had more of a soft cardigan feel, which was incredibly comfortable but not overly dressy.

oasap jacket
While it’s more of a sweater than a jacket, this little number is great for dressing up an outfit!

With a cute pair of jeans or a dress, though, this sweet single-breasted coat was just adorable and I loved how the black and white added such great contrast to everything I paired it with.

My second item was actually chosen rather hastily when another item had been sold out. The Snowflakes Printing Fleece Lining Parka just looked too comfy and cozy to resist. And when it arrived, I knew it had been a great choice. In addition to the adorable knit pattern of the parka, the jacket also featured an incredibly warm and cozy fleece lining. It’s been the perfect thing to keep away winter’s chill so far!

oasap fall snowflake parka
I love how warm and cozy the parka is for cold days!

Both of the items I received are ones that I’ll be wearing often now that the weather has cooled and I love that no matter what I choose from Oasap, items always come with free worldwide shipping and quick and pleasant customer service. Check out the selection of cool weather clothing for yourself and enjoy great selection and prices on sweater, jeans, jackets and more!
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    1. Aww, thanks darling! I was kind of disappointed at first, but once I tried it on, I really liked it too! I just had to switch my mindset from “coat” to “sweater.” Lol!

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