Create a Peaceful Bedtime Tradition with the I Am Sleepy Children’s CD by Sukey Molloy-Giveaway

Bedtime is always a challenge in my home.  Neither of my daughters take it well.  In our efforts to make it easier for them my husband and I have a fairly consistent routine for them at bedtime which includes a half-hour warning, a bath on some nights but not all, moisturizer,  teeth brushing and always three stories for each girl.  However most nights still end with the frustration of them continuously coming out of their rooms to go pee, ask us “very important” questions or otherwise delay the inevitable task of falling asleep.  Needless to say we are generally willing to try most reasonable tips we hear about easing your children to sleep when the time for bed arrives.

i am sleepy cover artSo when we got the opportunity to review a musical CD called I Am Sleepy by Sukey Molloy that was designed to help young children fall asleep, I was hopeful and excited to give it a try.  First of all I must say that even as an adult I found the music to be extremely soothing.  The CD has 17 tracks which are mostly musical but also includes a few whimsical stories mixed in.  Sukey Molloy states that her inspiration for the CD came from her warm childhood memories of her own mother singing to her at bedtime and I found that peaceful feeling really came through in her music.

I started playing the CD for my daughters one night when the usual bedtime difficulties began; as a bargaining chip I made them promise that they would stay in their beds and go to sleep nicely when I turned it off.  I put the CD on quietly enough that they both had to stay very quiet themselves in order to hear it.  Keeping them lying quietly in their beds at bedtime was already one positive result from the musical CD.  They weren’t sleeping by the time I turned it off but they definitely seemed to have wound down a lot during the lullabies and they did fulfill their promises of staying in their beds when it was over.

My older daughter Anna definitely took to the CD more than young Isabelle.  Some nights she requests it and other nights I offer it to help her fall asleep and she always loves it.  She particularly enjoys the occasional stories that are also on the CD.  To my amazement she has even fallen asleep while listening to the music a few times.  The songs and stories are so pleasant that I think it helps calm her mind down a little bit at bedtime.  Isabelle has fallen asleep to the CD as well but only with my husband or I lying next to her.

So that your children can enjoy a peaceful bedtime, one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to receive their very own copy of I am Sleepy by Sukey Molloy!  To enter to win, just leave a blog comment with your favourite peaceful bedtime tip.

I believe music is an important part of a child’s development and both of my girls are little singers so it was great to review a product that provided a musical interest for them.  The whole family found the CD to be a soothing ritual and we have really enjoyed incorporating it into our bedtime routine.  If you are looking for a special bedtime treat for your children, whether they sleep well or not, I definitely recommend checking out Sukey Molloy’s CD and I hope it brings more peaceful nights into your home as it did for us.
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