Discover The Fun of a Little Miss Muffin Doll from Jay at Play!

What girl doesn’t love a big, oversized dolly? And what could be better than when that doll actually converts into a tasty-looking and delicious-smelling muffin? Well the Little Miss Muffin dolls we recently received from Jay at Play do exactly that and they’ve been a hit since they arrived at the house.

My two young daughters were delighted when we received the giant Little Miss Pumpkin Muffin and a smaller Little Miss Coconut Muffin. Each doll even comes with a small recipe card to make a simple sweet treat that relates to the doll’s identity. For example Little Miss Coconut Muffin came with instructions for Coconut Strawberries. Each recipe calls for only a few ingredients and is simple enough for the children to do most of the job themselves. My girls love helping in the kitchen and I was pleased to allow them the independence to create their own snack when they made Miss Pumpkin Muffin’s Funny Faces.

girls with mlittl miss muffin dolls

As I mentioned the Little Miss Muffin dolls can be converted between a big delicious muffin and an adorable rag doll. As muffins, my girls would pretend to devour the treats and as dolls, the cheery characters became their best friends. When in the doll form, the Little Miss Muffins sit very sturdy on a wide base, which my daughters discovered makes them perfect for attending tea parties. Things really got funny when Isabelle discovered that the larger Miss Pumpkin could be worn on her head like a big hat and the whole family has been plopping her up there ever since!

girls being silly with little miss muffin dolls

Another thing that pleased me about these dolls is that they have washing instructions on the tag. So often I wonder if our various soft toy items can be machine-washed as they do tend to get filthy after awhile; it was so nice to have clear instructions about how these dolls could safely be washed when necessary.

The unique feature of converting between muffin and doll really makes this product special. And including recipes adds that extra interest that can inspire a young girl to get involved with food preparation, which is something I have always valued. If you want to learn more you can discover all the Little Miss Muffin characters, their recipes and some printable activities by visiting the website at or pick up a Little Miss Muffin Doll for your family, available exclusively at Toys”R”Us. I’ll bet you’ll find a Little Miss Muffin that’s just perfect for your little girl!
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