Enjoy Fall Fun Securely with Master Lock Cable Locks

The days are shorter, the weather is cooler…fall is definitely here! But that doesn’t mean that outdoor fun is over quite yet! In fact, my boys and I have a variety of activities that we enjoy in the fall, from trips to the park to backyard adventures jumping in piles of leaves. But even in the midst of all that fun, we like to make sure that we’re being secure and taking care of some of our favourite possessions.

master lock cable locksSince Zackary learned to ride his two-wheeler this past summer, one of our favourite activities is riding bicycles together. With Benjamin either on his balance bike, one of his favourite scooters for kids, or in a bike trailer, and my oldest son and I on our bikes, we explore the town, run errands and have all kinds of fun. So when my mission as a member of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad this month was to review the Cable Locks 8127TRI, I was delighted. This set of three cable locks in rainbow colours looked like it would be the perfect thing for securing our bikes when my boys and I went adventuring.

When the locks arrived, my boys were so excited to each have their own bike lock. What I appreciated most, though, was the fact that one key opened all three locks! My boys are a little bit young to keep track of the keys for their locks just yet and toting around three different keys would have been a bit of a pain for me. But with this handy set, I only need one key to keep all of our bikes locked up safely!

The locks also feature self-coiling braided steel cable for strong cut resistance and protective vinyl coating that helps prevent scratching. But I have to admit, what I liked most about these cable locks was that they looked so bright and cheerful on our bikes! The red, blue and green colours were so much fun and made it easy to identify and unlock our bikes quickly even if they were in a crowded bike stand.

While we may not be able to ride our bikes right through the winter, the Master Lock Cable Locks are so versatile that I know I’ll be using them right through the winter as well. Whether I want to secure our extra-special outdoor Christmas decorations to the steps or lock down our barbecue and lawn furniture for the winter, there are so many ways that I can use these handy locks to keep our possessions safe.

boys with master lock cable locks

Having these locks has made me feel so much safer when my boys and I head out exploring and I love thinking about all the different ways I’ll be able to use them around the house too! If you want a set of versatile locks that are appropriate for everything from securing a hitch when towing to locking up your tools, Master Lock has you covered with locks that are perfect for autumn fun and so much more!

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  1. My husband is a big hunter and I am sure he could use them for lots of stuff like his trailor, 4 wheeler, something. thanks

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