Family Game Night Gets Creative with Morphology and Morphology Junior-Giveaway

While I love classic board games, I also really enjoy discovering new games to play with my boys that let us work our minds and test our imaginations. And so when Morphology Games contacted me about reviewing its two widely acclaimed board games, Morphology and Morphology Junior, I couldn’t resist the chance to see what they would be like.

morphology-game-1Morphology is essentially a game of charades using objects instead of the human body to act out or build certain words. From colourful rocks to round rubber rings to wooden sticks to string, with a little creativity a person can create almost anything!

My boys and I sat down to play Morphology Junior together one night. The game is generally played in teams and so rather than playing a competitive game, Zackary, Benjamin and I all chose one game piece and moved around the board working together. It took Zackary a while to get the hang of using objects to represent words and so at first, I just picked out cards and created pictures while he guessed what word was being represented. While it was a fun activity for him, it also let him see how objects could be combined to represent something different.

After some practice, we decided to start a real game. There were a few different ways of using the pieces to represent the words on the card. Most of the time players can only use the game pieces to find ways of helping people guess a word but occasionally, on a certain square, players can act out the word using the game pieces as props. And I loved the squares that challenged players to illustrate a word using only a limited number of game pieces!

The Morphology game was essentially the same as the Morphology Junior game with harder words and more props for teams to work with. Every Christmas my family usually spends Boxing Day playing a board game together and I think this will be the perfect one for some lively family fun!

morphology juniorMorphology Games wants you to have the chance to get creative too so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a prize pack containing Morphology and Morphology Junior, a $60 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what game you would most like to play first.

I loved the way that Morphology let my boys and me think outside the box to communicate and I especially liked the way that it gave Zackary a chance to develop his creativity to solve a problem. As an added bonus, the game is also a great small distraction if I need to get some extra work done! I just give my boys the game pieces, choose a card and read the word out loud and for the next ten minutes or so I can enjoy peace and quiet while they create! If you’re looking for a fun new game for your next family game night, check out Morphology Games and see how much fun it is to build a word!
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