NIVEA and Plan Canada Team Up to Make Education Accessible for Children in Senegal

Escaping from the cycle of poverty can seem almost impossible in some situations but it’s been consistently found that one of the best ways to break that cycle is through education. An education gives a child the chance to better their future and it’s so sad to think about the many children that don’t get that chance.

nivea plan canadaNIVEA has always been a company that believes in giving back and that’s why I was so excited to learn about the company’s new initiative with Plan Canada to fund an education project in Senegal. Currently, three out of five children in Senegal don’t have access to education but with the partnership between these two organizations and the $25,000 that NIVEA Canada has pledged to the program, that statistic will change!

To celebrate this partnership, NIVEA Canada sent me some boxes of its Pure & Natural Moisturizing Day Care with bonus Pure & Natural Lip Balm to review and I fell in love with its simple moisturizing formula. With organic Aloe Vera and argon oil, it was gentle, nourishing and perfect for my combination skin. I shared the boxes with some of my friends and family and everyone loved the natural and effective lotion. And knowing that purchasing products from NIVEA helps give poverty-stricken children an education made a good product even more appealing.

To help spread the word about this partnership, visit the NIVEA Canada Facebook page, where you can share facts about the Senegal education project on Facebook and Twitter or donate to the cause. It always makes me so happy to see companies giving back and NIVEA is really doing this in a big way with its latest initiative. Check out some facts about this project and see how you can show your support!
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