Bake Up a Sweet and Easy Treat with Pillsbury Chocolate Crescents #LMDConnector

I love to bake, but the timing never seems to be quite right for me to bake as much as I would like. In the summer, our century-old house holds heat like an oven making baking virtually impossible. And in the fall, busy school routines take up so much time that I never seem to have an uninterrupted hour to make goodies for my boys. I still get a treat or two whipped up about once a week, but that’s not nearly as often as I would like!

So what’s an overworked mom to do? Pillsbury has the answer with its new Chocolate Crescents! Most Canadians are already big fans of flaky and delicious Pillsbury Crescents and now the home-baked treat that’s ready in minutes is even more irresistible. I was delighted when I got the chance to try the new treats for myself and see what I thought.

pillsbury chocolate crescents

The Crescents come in the signature tube along with a pouch of dreamy chocolate filling. Making them is so simple! Just unroll the dough, separate it along the perforated lines, draw a figure eight of chocolate filling on the flat triangles and then roll them up into a crescent shape. About fifteen minutes later and after a final drizzle of chocolate on top, we were enjoying flaky pastry filled with warm gooey chocolate. It was the perfect way to enjoy a freshly baked treat without too much time and effort!

pillsbury chocolate crescents baked

I shared a few coupons with my friends as well and so far the response has been amazing. In fact, the new Pillsbury Chocolate Crescents are so popular that the last few times I’ve tried to buy them, the stores have been sold out! Fortunately I got a few boxes the first time!

If you love Pillsbury Crescents and thought that they couldn’t get any better, you have got to try these new treats for yourself. So grab a box the next time you’re at the store and enjoy sweet and satisfying crescents for an easy, home-baked treat. And make sure to stop by the Life Made Delicious Facebook page to be the first to know about money-saving coupons, new products and fun promotions!

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6 thoughts on “Bake Up a Sweet and Easy Treat with Pillsbury Chocolate Crescents #LMDConnector”

  1. I have been looking for these ,,but they aren`t in any stores around here at all! Which is very weird,,because all the stores has the $.50 off coupons for them right next to the other pillsbury stuff,,but none of these in the stores!!

    1. I had the same problem, Karla! Drove me crazy for awhile because I wanted to try them SO bad! I finally found them in Walmart but then last time I checked, they were sold out. They must be a hot item! ;)

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