Enjoy a Free Shopping Spree by Collecting and Redeeming Sears Club Points #SearsClubPoints

There are a few popular credit card rewards programs in Canada but Sears Club Points has to be one of the most popular. Shoppers earn points on every purchase with their Sears Card or Sears Financial Mastercard that can eventually be redeemed for gift cards good for anything in Sears stores or online. Recently I received the chance to try out the experience of using Sears Club Points for myself and I couldn’t wait to head out on a shopping spree.

searsmastercard-sI received a card with 20,000 points to spend, the equivalent of $200. Immediately, I decided to try to buy Zackary’s winter coat and ski pants with the card. Since I’m always interested in saving money, I decided my first stop would be Sears Clearance Centre.

The Sears Clearance Centre is one of my favourite places to shop. It contains outdated, overstocked and slightly damaged merchandise from Sears stores at hugely discounted prices. I wasn’t completely sure I’d be able to use my Sears card at the store since the prices were already so low, but I was quickly assured that Sears Club Points were good at absolutely any Sears store, including the Sears Clearance Centre. About half an hour later, I was walking out with a gorgeous Team Canada winter coat with matching black ski pants for Zackary and a cute new pair of pyjamas for myself.

After that, it was off to the nearest Sears store to spend the rest of my points. I loved the way that I could spend a certain number of points in one place and then head off to another to spend more. In fact, Sears Club Points can even be used online! At my local Sears store I found some cute new Tommy Hilfiger undergarments for me and Cars coffee mugs for my boys.

snowsuit purchased with sears club points

After paying, I had only a few dollars left to spend and the saleswoman recommended using it for some of my smaller purchases such as cosmetics. And using the card had been incredibly simple, right down to being able to see the remaining balance on my receipt after each purchase.

I had a great experience with Sears Club Points and since I often shop at the Sears Clearance Centre and online at Sears.ca, I’ll certainly be considering a Sears Financial Mastercard if I need a new card at some point in the near future. One of the great things about the points is that they can be redeemed for whatever my family needs at the time, be that a new appliance or a new wardrobe. When shopping I do anyways can earn me a free shopping trip in the future, that’s something I’m sure to appreciate. If you shop at Sears or online at Sears.ca often, make sure you check out the Sears Club Points program to learn how you can start earning points towards your own shopping spree!

Disclosure – I am participating in the Sears Club Points program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.