The 2013 Kinder Canada Toy Collection Contains Even More Fun For Kids #KinderMom

kinder canada new toys imageThe Kinder Mom program is back once more and for the third time, I’ve been lucky enough to have been chosen to share my love of chocolate and playtime with my readers with all kinds of great Kinder Canada features! And the program is launching with bang because this month I get to spread the word about the brand new 2013 Kinder Canada toy collection!

Last year my boys had months of fun with flying toys, racing toys and toys that squirted water. This year, the fun is continuing with Softy Tummies, Combo Cars and many more adorable new toys! I received a case of 24 Kinder Surprise eggs containing toys from the new collection and I decided to take them to preschool story time at the library.

Watching the crowd of a dozen kids devour their eggs was so much fun but it was when the toys started coming out that I really started to grin. The Bouncy Monsters were an instant hit and the cute Ciao Rings had kids randomly stamping messages on each other’s hands for quite some time. My personal favourite toy, though, was the spirograph toy. I never owned a spirograph by I remember how much fun I had drawing geometric pictures with the toy at friends’ houses. I can’t wait until I get a Kinder egg with one of those inside!

kids with kinder surprise toys
Zackary and his friends had so much fun playing with their new toys at the library!

Kinder Canada understands how play can be beneficial to children on so many levels and that’s why its new toy collection is designed around four core pillars: Artistic Expression, Adventure, Exploration and Active Lifestyle. I always love noticing the differences between my boys’ preferences when they’re playing with toys like these. Benjamin, who has just turned three and has already shown some aptitude for drawing, always prefers the toys with an artistic slant. Zackary, on the other hand, who has been watching documentaries for fun since he was four, prefers the exploration toys.

But no matter what toys are inside the Kinder Surprise eggs that my boys open, I always know that there will be hours of entertainment packed into those little plastic eggs. If you haven’t checked out the new toy collection for yourself, why not stop by the Kinder Canada Facebook page to get the details on the new toys or pick one up for your child and see how Kinder Canada is making playtime even more fun!

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

5 thoughts on “The 2013 Kinder Canada Toy Collection Contains Even More Fun For Kids #KinderMom”

    1. Have you seen them yet, Jen? They look like a blast but neither of my boys got one when I was handing out eggs, so I have to wait to try it. I should probably not be this excited to draw circles on paper. Lol

  1. i just cracked open a Kinder Egg I had sitting around for a few days. I received a futuristic spinning top. Fun to play with it absentmindedly while on the phone.

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