Keep Your Fridge Clean For Longer with Fridge Coasters

I do not like cleaning but I accept that it’s a necessary part of life. In general, I don’t mind the day-to-day chores that keep my house organized. Sweeping, picking up toys, washing dishes…they’re all basic jobs that don’t take too long and make a big difference in the look of my house. What drives me crazy is all the big jobs that only need to be done every month or so. Things like scrubbing walls and washing bedding generally end up being all-day jobs and I really don’t enjoy having to spend all that time on them.

fridge coaster home-drawerCleaning the fridge is one of those necessary jobs that I really don’t like and so when Fridge Coasters contacted me about reviewing its new liners for fridge shelves and drawers, I had to learn more. Fridge Coasters are designed to fit in the shelves and crispers of a fridge to keep it cleaner longer. I received an assortment of Fridge Coasters to test out and I was excited to see how they would work.

The Fridge Coasters are made of thin, absorbent wood pulp with fun patterns printed on the top. I liked the fact that in addition to keeping the fridge clean, the Fridge Coasters made it look nicer too. With six colours and three patterns to choose from, there was lots of opportunity to add some style to a fridge.

I received Fridge Coasters in the Blue Zigzag design and so I pulled out a sheet and immediately started fitting them into place. Fridge Coasters come in a variety of different sizes and shapes to fit different fridges and are also perforated so that they can easily be snapped apart to fit perfectly into a fridge.

I used a set of Fridge Coasters for the doors of our old fridge and while they worked perfectly for the upper shelves, the long and narrow bottom door shelf was too thin for the coasters. But since they were made of cardboard-like wood pulp, it was a simple matter to cut the coaster to size slightly and put it in place.

My favourite use for the coasters, however, was in the vegetable crispers. These drawers can often contain some extra moisture because of the fruits and vegetables they contain and I loved the way that the Fridge Coasters had a perforation in them so that they could bend right into place inside the crispers.

fridge coasters in use

I put the Fridge Coasters in place about four weeks ago and I have to say that they’ve really made a difference. The door of the fridge was a spot that always seemed to get dirty quickly since I use them to hold all my sauces, salad dressings and other condiments. Drips and spills are inevitable but the Fridge Coasters have kept the shelves looking great. And the coasters last for at least four months with regular use!

I’m glad to have minimized at least one of the tiresome cleaning jobs I used to dread and the fact that the Fridge Coasters look so cute is an added bonus. But the durability is what I love most; while the Fridge Coasters feel like cardboard they’re actually designed to keep their shape even when completely saturated with water and still be usable once they have dried. If you want to spend less time scrubbing your fridge, check out this handy product for yourself and see how Fridge Coasters can help keep your fridge clean!
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12 thoughts on “Keep Your Fridge Clean For Longer with Fridge Coasters”

  1. What a great product! I love the colors and designs they offer as well. Very much something I could see myself happily using! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. That’s a neat idea that should help with cleaning. Their website has some good tips that consumers should be aware of:

    How long do Fridge Coasters last?
    We recommend replacing your Fridge Coasters around every 120 days

    What happens if raw meat, such as chicken, gets on Fridge Coasters?
    If ANY raw meat comes in contact with your Fridge Coasters, they should be recycled and replaced.

      1. It’s always good to see companies provide as much info for consumers on how to properly use their products.
        Now what would be cool is if the coasters had activated charcoal or baking soda embedded to soak up odours (or maybe the product already does that?)

          1. It just seems like a natural fit. Then you can save the space normally taken up by a box of baking soda with a nice bottle of Coke! or whatever your beverage of choice may be.

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