Create the Ultimate Sandwich with Maple Leaf Deli-fresh Sandwich Meat

I have to say that overall, I really like making lunches every day, even if I do sometimes flounder for ideas a bit.

Zackary is pretty easy to please as far as lunch is concerned; he likes fresh fruit, granola bars and sandwiches loaded with meat. As a result, we go through a lot of deli meat and I always have my eye out for the newest variety to hit the shelves.

So I enthusiastically agreed when I was given the chance to try new Maple Leaf Deli-fresh sandwich meat.

maple leaf deli fresh collectionAs it happens, my small town has a local butcher shop that sells the most amazing beef jerky, sausage and sandwich meat, among other things.

Having the meat freshly sliced to order makes a huge difference in the taste and so I was very curious to see if Maple Leaf Deli-fresh sandwich meat could compare.

Maple Leaf Deli-fresh comes in four different varieties and I decided on the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast and Sirloin Roast Beef to review. I sent Zackary off to school with a chicken sandwich on rye, but I knew that to really judge the quality of the meat, I would have to whip up a sandwich for myself too!

One of the first things that I noticed about the Maple Leaf Deli-fresh meat was the resealable package. It’s such a little thing but it makes such a big difference in keeping food fresh! In the past I’ve sometimes had problems properly sealing other packages and had the meat get too dry as a result.

I grabbed the sandwich meat and my favourite ingredients and created my sandwich. I absolutely love sandwiches and I always try to make them extraordinary.

On this particular occasion, I decided to pile Maple Leaf Deli-fresh Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lettuce, tomato and avocado on light rye bread. Then I sat down to enjoy my lunch.

maple leaf deli fresh chickenThe meat was tender and flavourful and while it perhaps wasn’t quite as mouth-watering as the freshly sliced butcher shop fare I spoil myself with, it was certainly the next best thing.

And the price was reasonable enough that I felt fine about using it every day for Zackary while still having the option of indulging in a gourmet sandwich when I desired.

Overall, Maple Leaf Deli-fresh sandwich meat was a noticeable step up from most sandwich meat and while it might not have been able to quite equal that freshly sliced flavour of a butcher shop product, it came very close and was more convenient too!

Grab your favourite variety and see how it tastes on your ultimate sandwich!

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166 thoughts on “Create the Ultimate Sandwich with Maple Leaf Deli-fresh Sandwich Meat”

  1. My favorite sandwich is the MrD Special:

    1 12″ sub roll split into two. Butter and caramelize on the the grill
    Add a layer of freshly cooked bacon
    Add crisp organic lettuce and tomato
    Add a layer of thinly sliced (or shaved) turkey breast
    Add mayo
    Add a layer of bacon
    Add mozzarella
    Add a sprinkle of garlic salt
    Add cooked hot Italian sausage sliced lengthwise
    Add 13 slices of pepperoni
    Add the last layer of bacon

    Use toothpicks to secure and cut in half. Serve with a side of ice cold apple cider.

  2. I bought the ham and roast beef of this last weekend .. this is what I made

    pita bread
    4 slices of ham 2 of roast beef
    sweet onion mustard
    swiss cheese
    red peppers

    It was FABULOUS !!! this meat is so fresh, the roast beef has so much flavour ..usually packaged meats are wet and flavourless .. this stuff rocks !!!

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