Your Child’s Bedtime Will Be Bright with MOBI AnimaLamps-Giveaway

For a long time, my boys didn’t use nightlights but lately I’ve found that a little light makes our bedtime routine easier. Zackary stays up on his own in his room while I put Benjamin to bed and Benjamin often wakes up in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom. So when MOBI Technologies contacted me and gave me the chance to review its adorable AnimaLamps, I was ecstatic. I’ve been a fan of MOBI products for years and the lamps looked like they would be the perfect things to add a little light to my boys’ rooms at bedtime.

MOBI AnimaLamp BunnyMOBI AnimaLamps come in three fun animal styles: Bunny, Monkey and Giraffe. We received the giraffe and monkey styles to review and each boy chose their favourite. Benjamin decided that the giraffe was perfect for him and Zackary adored the monkey. I plugged in the lamps to charge and when bedtime arrived, both boys were eager to test out their new lights.

The MOBI AnimaLamp has so many features that make it perfect for a child’s room. First of all, the lamps are cordless and rechargeable. I loved having the freedom to put the animals up on a dresser or let my boys hold them in the bed. The cool-running LED lights are safe for small children and the switch on the lamps just requires a slight tap to turn the lamp on and off.

Because the head of the animal houses the lights and flips down when the device isn’t being used, it was a simple matter to position the light just where it was needed. And was the light ever bright! Zackary, who is an avid reader, has started spending his evenings reading with his AnimaLamp in his room while he waits for me to come tuck him in, and he loves having a light that’s bright enough for him to read without having to use the large overhead light.

But if a bright light isn’t what’s needed, don’t despair! By just resting a finger gently on the lamp’s switch, the light can be dimmed to a more relaxing level. The boys had so much fun brightening and dimming the lighting just for fun. And when I put Benjamin to sleep, the dimmed AnimaLamp provided just the right amount of light in the room.

boy with a mobi giraffe animalamp
MOBI AnimaLamps are useful, but they’re lots of fun for my boys too!

So that your kids can enjoy some bedtime fun, MOBI Technologies is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader two AnimaLamps of their choice, a $50 value! To enter to win, just check out and leave a blog comment about another product that you love.

My boys both love their AnimaLamps and I really do too. The fact that they’re rechargeable saves me the hassle of worrying about replacing batteries, their cordless design makes them wonderful both for use in the house or for road trips and their fun animal design adds that special touch to the boys’ décor. And with a suggested retail price of just $25, they’re affordable too! Check them out for yourself and add a little light to your child’s room at night!
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  1. Those lights are too cute!
    I love the headphonies, they are too cute! I own the hello kitty one & I love the lil girl & skeleton one :) my daughter would love these lights :) good luck all! My fingers are crossed! Take care

  2. Tiffany Mackendrick

    Love the thermometers! We use a basic one now.. and sitting and waiting on it with an infant is torture.. and sometimes it doesn’t work! I know what my next investment is since the winter is coming fast!

  3. Those are pretty cute lamps. The cordless design makes it very flexible to use in rooms where the outlets may be difficult to get to.

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