School Lunches Have Never Been Easier with New Schneiders Lunchmate + Fruit-Giveaway

School lunches are something that are always a challenge in our household. Zackary tends to favour very basic choices like deli meat sandwiches and granola bars but if I give him the same things too often, I notice more and more of his lunch coming back home uneaten. Add to that the challenge of making lunches that are both quick to assemble and healthy and I’m in the middle of a full-blown school lunch challenge.

lunchmate + fruitBut now, Schneiders Lunchmate meals are coming to the rescue! There are very few children that don’t love these handy pre-packaged lunches featuring deli meat, cheese, crackers and a small dessert. But they really never seemed healthy enough to me to be a complete lunch and so I rarely purchased them. All that has changed with the introduction of new Lunchmate + Fruit!

These Lunchmate lunches are a new healthier twist on an old kid-friendly favourite. Featuring Schneider’s Country Naturals deli meat, real cheese, crackers and Del Monte fruit cups, they are a source of calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C and come in either Chicken, Turkey, Ham or Pizza varieties. I recently received some coupons to try out the new Lunchmate + Fruit meals and Zackary and Benjamin were both so excited when they saw the packages in my shopping cart.

The next school day, I popped one of the Lunchmate + Fruit meals in Zackary’s lunchbox along with a juice box and a granola bar. Then I let Benjamin munch on one for his lunch the same day. Both boys absolutely loved the way that they could stack up slices of meat on crackers to create little mini sandwiches, especially when they topped their creations with a cube of real cheese. As usual, Zackary favoured the meat and Benjamin preferred the cheese, but both boys loved the chance to combine their lunch foods in the way that they wanted.

And when they were done with the rest of their meal, they had the Del Monte fruit salad cup to enjoy as well. Zackary especially loves these and I often buy them for his lunches so it was very nice to have his fruit cup already incorporated into his meal. And since I generally try to pack waste-free lunches and snacks for my boys, I was excited to see that the Schneiders Lunchmate + Fruit is part of the TerraCycle program. Lunchmate containers can be saved and shipped free of charge to TerraCycle to be turned into refurbished products and by doing so you can earn TerraCycle Points that can be redeemed to assist various charitable causes!

boy eating lunchmate + fruit

Schneiders wants you to have the chance to try new Lunchmate + Fruit meals as well, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader $20 of Schneiders free product coupons so that you can treat your kids to a Lunchmate + Fruit lunch. To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which variety of Schneiders Lunchmate + Fruit you think your child (or you) would most enjoy.

While Schneiders Lunchmate + Fruit aren’t something that I would give my son every day, they are a great choice for a fun lunch that is relatively healthy, kid-friendly and incredibly easy. I plan on having a few of these meals in the fridge for those busy mornings when I need to have lunch ready quickly and I appreciate the fact that they now have fruit and natural meat. If you’re looking for a way to keep your child interested in lunch, new Schneiders Lunchmate + Fruit are a great way to surprise your kid with something fun in their lunchbox. Check them out for yourself and let your child pick their favourite!
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