Original Answers Pay Off in the OutSmart Board Game-Giveaway

I love challenging my mind with fun activities and one of my absolute favourite ways to do that is with board games. That’s why I couldn’t resist when I got the chance to review a brand new game called OutSmart. This game challenges players to come up with multiple answers to a single question to earn points and I was excited to see just how the game was played.

outsmart gameWhen I was younger, my family used to play a game called Minute’s Limit. Players had a minute to think of items starting with a certain letter in certain categories and original answers earned the most points. OutSmart sounded like it used some of the concepts from that game in a whole new way. Basically, after reading a question and rolling a dice to decide how many answers each question can receive, the players have a certain amount of time to write down their answers. But when scoring, only the first person to list an answer has the chance to earn points. Originality counts in this game!

But what I really found intriguing was how much strategy was involved in the game as well. Writing down the most original answers isn’t enough to win this game. Players also need to write down the more common answers and time them properly to steal points away from other players. It’s a much more involved game that it seems at first glance!

OutSmart wants you to have the chance to test your skills too so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own OutSmart board game! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about your favourite board game.

Every Christmas after my family eats dinner and the kids are in bed, the adults usually play a board game and I have a feeling this will be a great one to pull out when that time rolls around. I love that it combines brainpower, strategy and fun in such an appealing way. OutSmart is available at ToysRUs.ca so if you love quick-paced, challenging board games, this is one that you should definitely be checking out.
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