The Sobeys Better Food Lovers Holiday Cookie Exchange

Recently I was chosen to join eleven other bloggers as part of Sobeys’ incredibly popular Better Food Lovers Blog. I was honoured to be asked to be a part of this fabulous group of women with a love for good food and the honour was even sweeter when I learned my very first task as a Better Food Lovers blogger would be to participate in a cookie exchange with one of my fellow bloggers!

I was given the task of exchanging cookies with the fabulous Tammi from My Organized Chaos. Tammi has a nut-free household and as most of the recipes we were given to choose from contained nuts, I decided to keep things very simple and use the Classic Cookie Dough.


But I still wanted my recipe to be fun and festive, so the boys and I dug through my baking cupboard and pulled out things that we thought might make a fun addition to our cookies. Eventually, we decided on sprinkles, chocolate and crushed candy canes. About an hour later, I was filling a tin with a beautiful variety of Christmas cookies!

Tammi used the same recipe as I did, but she rolled and cut the cookies and then topped them with an oh-so-delicious icing. Zackary and Benjamin were so excited when they saw the colourful cookies in the tin and all three of us enjoyed the cookies so much that unfortunately there aren’t any left for Christmas!

boys eating christmas cookies

To check out all the scrumptious recipes and see the posts from the Better Food Lovers Holiday Cookie Exchange, make sure you stop by the Sobeys Better Food Lovers Blog. Whether you like traditional rolled sugar cookies or fancy caramel and nut creations, there are tons of great recipes to inspire you to pull out an apron and get baking. You may even want to share your creation with somebody you care about to add a little cheer to their day!

6 thoughts on “The Sobeys Better Food Lovers Holiday Cookie Exchange”

  1. What a fun thing to do. Yours look really nice.
    I’m hoping to host a cookie exchange this year. And we always make fun stuff.

    1. Thanks Nicole! I’d love to do one with a whole big group of women; it’s always so much fun to see what kinds of treats other families love. It is fun, isn’t it?

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