Treasuring Memorable Holiday Moments with Mattel

The holidays are perfect for making memories that will last a lifetime and for me, the most treasured memories are the ones I’ve made with my boys each Christmas. While I enjoyed my own childhood holiday adventures, those days just can’t compare to the joy of seeing my boys experience the magic of the holiday season.

While a baby’s first Christmas is always a special experience, it’s even more memorable when a child reaches that precious toddler stage. Once my boys were walking and talking, the holidays carried new meaning for the entire family. Personally, my most memorable holiday milestone was the Christmas when my youngest son Benjamin was 15-months-old.

benjamin on christmas morning

That year was the one that really represented our first family Christmas. The boys tried their very best to stay up late but they were both young enough that they fell asleep fairly early.

The next morning, my husband and our children were awake at the crack of dawn. I’ve never been a morning person, but when my youngest son crawled into the bed and cuddled me, exclaiming, “Tanta came, Mama! Ho, ho, ho!” I knew I had to watch the fun right away. I helped the boys take down their loaded stockings and then sat down on the couch to watch as they both eagerly examined their presents.

And what a thrill to watch my youngest son carefully use his chubby baby fingers to grip the edge of the wrapping paper and rip it off! He was so excited by every gift, from toys to clothes, and he was especially happy when he found a Mattel Hot Wheels car in his stocking. He had learned all about these cars from his older brother and was so happy that Santa had given him one of his own!

Looking back, what made my most memorable Christmas so wonderful wasn’t the amazing gifts. To the contrary, it was those simple moments that truly became extraordinary because they emphasize the innocent joy that is so much a part of being a child. In my mind, there is no better memory than that. Thinking about it still brings a smile to my face.

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13 thoughts on “Treasuring Memorable Holiday Moments with Mattel”

  1. Aw, such a story! My son is 4yrs old now so the holidays are getting more fun for us as now we can really build traditions and he will have lasting memories forever. I love Christmas even more so now that we have kids!

  2. That’s a really sweet story. The little milestones matter so much, but the toys will always be a big part of our childhood memories too! I have always loved Christmas and it gets less exciting as my kids get older. My teenager keeps the excitment going for his 4 year old sister but really it’s not as fun for him anymore.
    Going to check out that gift guide! It sounds very helpful!

  3. What a cute picture and cute story. I agree that Christmas is so much more when they’re just a little bit older and really get what’s going on. The interactive gift guide sounds cool. I’m going to check it out now!

  4. Our little one was a toddler last Christmas as well so it was special but this year is priming to be very exciting. She really knows what’s going on this year and has been wanting it to be Christmas ever since it started snowing (which was a month ago)! I’m really interested to see if she will actually sit on Santa’s lap this year!!

    I think my favorite moment from last Christmas was at Christmas Eve mass. She helped the other kids carry the stable animals to the front of the church and then she decided to just stay up there near the alter and bless everyone with her very best rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star :)

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