Let Your Children Build Some Fun Christmas Morning with Meccano

If you have a child that loves to build, let them create something amazing with the construction toy that’s been a favourite of children since 1901, Meccano! Over the years, Meccano has changed a lot and this year the company has some great choices for the holiday season. I recently received a few of them to check out for myself and I couldn’t wait to see what the updated Meccano building sets were like.

meccano sonicWhen I saw the Meccano Sonic the Hedgehog sets, I knew at once that my oldest son would love them. Not only has he recently developed a passion for construction, he also adores Sonic the Hedgehog! I liked that the sets were available in different styles for various fun experiences.

I received both a 15 and a 35-piece set. The 15-piece Sonic & Speed Star set contained Sonic in his Speed Star racer featuring pull-back action and the Sonic & Green Hill Ramp 35-piece set contained a fun stunt track in addition to another Sonic car so that both of my boys could have a car to race down the stunt track! With a suggested age of five years and up, it was the perfect skill level for my boys.

meccano armadillo apcI also received the absolutely fabulous Meccano Gears of War Armadillo APC set. With 80 pieces and designed for ages eight and up, it’s sure to provide plenty of fun on Christmas morning. There are four different Gears of War sets and the vehicle set I received features three rotational gun turrets, a trap door, six working wheels and a mobile front tread. It also contains two figurines so that once the set is constructed, kids can enjoy imaginative fun too!

Meccano has tons of other great new products for Christmas morning too. Whether your child loves robots or Tintin, there’s a Meccano set that is sure to thrill and delight them. And best of all, the sets help children develop engineering skills and also encourage imaginative play! Check them out for yourself and find the perfect set for a child you love this Christmas!
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  1. In my day Meccano was a bunch of flat yellow plates, some long blue pieces, and a millions tiny screws and bolts. We didn’t have any fanshy_smanshy licensed toys. No sirree! We built nondescript trucks and we liked it! Kids today … harumph!

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