Start Your Child’s Collection of Trashies with the Trash Pack Garbage Truck

They’re dirty. They’re gross. And they’re one of the hottest toys of the holiday season! If your child has been begging you for Trash Pack toys, you’re not alone! These adorably grimy figurines and play sets have become a hit with children of all ages!

trash pack garbage truckRecently I received the Trash Pack Garbage Truck to check out and I was so excited about it. Zackary, like so many other kids, has become fascinated by the cute collectibles with icky names like Mucky Maggot and Putrid Pizza. The Trash Pack Garbage Truck is a great way to start off the Trash Pack collection since it features an interactive game and a couple of Trashies characters to start a child’s collection.

My favourite feature of this particular set was that it incorporates a fun stack and topple activity. The truck opens up so that a child can stack the little Trash Pack garbage cans inside. Then the Trashies can be loaded into the special large wheelie bin and launched through the air to knock down the garbage cans. Zackary couldn’t get enough of it!

There are plenty of other Trash Pack sets and characters available as well and with more than one hundred Trashies characters available, they’re great collectible toys that will be sure to entertain kids for hours. This set includes two Trashies and two cans as a starter, but the truck holds as many as ten cans!

If you have a school-aged boy to shop for this Christmas, the Trash Pack Garbage Truck and other Trash Pack toys are sure to entertain your children for hours on end and it is definitely one of the must-have toys of the holiday season. Check it out for yourself and let your kids enjoy hours of disgusting fun with the Trash Pack!
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3 thoughts on “Start Your Child’s Collection of Trashies with the Trash Pack Garbage Truck”

  1. This makes me think of the time when ‘ol billy and I used to collect Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. Those were good times *sniff*

      1. In my day we didn’t have no fanshy-smanshy Trash Pack toys. No sirree! We traded cards and ate stick bubblegum until they were banned by the schools and we liked it! Kids today …. harumph!

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